Anyone from Digiwell here?

Being in Europe (continental, sorry @KaiCastledine), I order my DT stuff from Digiwell usually.

I’d love to get a xG3 but their website seems to be down a lot of time. Or even when it works, I can’t login. I’m sure of my credentials, but I’m always redirected to a blank page. The HTTP error code is 500 (internal server error) so it’s on their side.

They do not respond to my support requests. Anyone here knows what happens?

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It’s ok, we have an on-going EU improvement projects in the works to combat brexit affects. I know this has affected customers for implants there.

So far we have added:

  1. Upgraded our cyborg membership scheme (10% off DT/Vivokey products):
  2. Added DHL express shipping
  3. VAT via IOSS is in the upcoming review
  4. Currency conversion options

Anything else that could help, feel free to let us know!

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I will Patrick send a whats app

i never had problems with the site

xG3: Dangerous Things xG3 Biomagnet

Thanks a lot!

Can you login successfully to the site?

Nevermind … I reset my password to another one (simpler) and it works fine now, I can access my account on the site. Probably my previous password (autogenerated by my password manager) was causing problems.

xG3 v2 ordered :slight_smile: