Anyone have a Group GPT license i could join?

I have a project i am trying to work through for mothersday and want access to GPT5 with Dall-e but i dont want to shell out the subscription price. I was wondering if anyone went in on a group plan that i could join. Ill pay into it for access of course.

interesting… i am paying for a sub but can only use gpt4 … is 5 being limited to group subs or enterprise or something?

Maybe you’re getting 5, and they just haven’t updated the sales pitch yet?

i can’t select 5 when i interact with chat… gpt4 and 3.5 are all that are available to me.


as far as i can tell gpt5 has not been released yet?

I totally meant 4. I must have typed 5 while my toddler was ripping my beard out.

Im just looking for someone paying for the team sub but has an extra spot to fill.


Why not pay for individually? It’s cheaper as an individual at $20 a month versus a team slot for $25 a month.

I was under the assumption that the team sub was package based. Like to have a team sub you have to pay for a set number of seats.

I may be wrong though

Check the pricing screenshot I posted. Teams are $25/person/mo while individual pricing is $20/mo

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yeah but if you look it is Minimum 2 users billed annually. I think when my company was looking into teams vs enterprise they had seat packages. and since the team level is billed annually i was looking to see if anyone had already paid but someone on their team has dropped off.

Ill likely end up subbing up to the individual plan though, it was worth a shot.

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Ahh I see what you mean… yeah an empty unused slot would be a waste

I have it available free as a Discord bot if you want to use it.