Anyone have any good practice for new PM3 users?

I received my PM3 today and set it up with 0 issues but now that I have it I don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying to read/write to the cards(2 t5577’s and 2 IC CUID cards) I received with the package unsuccessfully. Is there something I can read that I can use to learn about the pm3 and its uses or something I can use to get familiar with it. Anything and everything helps.


There are lots of tutorials out there … Start by putting a card on the one and try lf search (or hf search) and see what happens.

Just so you know what it looks like do the same without a card on it…

Then you can try writing different card styles to the t5577

Almost every command can be followed with “help” to get some information.

I don’t know about the IC CUID cards, but the t5577 test card that I got with my pm3 wouldn’t read or show up on “lf search” until I wrote or cloned something onto it.

Did you try lf t5 info?

Oh also, after your initial set up, did you do a

hw tune

Tunes the PM3 to the antenna, likely not the cause of your issue, but worth doing

Actually this is a common misunderstanding… it doesn’t tune your antennas it tells you the tuning of your antennas to ensure the hardware is in working order before use.


Thanks and Noted !

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how did you write something too it?

i tried it and i may be using it wrong but it does not work

We have a whole load of RFID card info, cheatsheets and proxmark guides on KSEC Tagbase which might be worth checking out:


One of the issues with “how to use the Proxmark3” is that it really depends on what you are trying to do with it.

There are different commands available depending on whether you are dealing with low frequency or high frequency chips. Are you just trying to read something from a simple card, or are you attempting to decrypt a more secure card…

I’d suggest getting your hands on some random (yes random) credentials from wherever you can and just start by seeing if you can work out what they are, LF/HF and type, just by using the PM3. Once you’ve done that you could order some emulator cards and see if you can clone something with them. More modern HF systems are going to be much harder to start out on so try for older/more basic systems if you can.

My starter collection included some HID and Indala tags and some other unmarked fobs which i’ve had mixed success figuring out so far.

I’m not 100% on cloning HF cards but for LF the first thing I tried to clone was an HID card onto a credit card shaped T5577 I ordered online to see if I could get that to work. After some trial and error I was able to move on to cloning to my NExT which I now use with my front door (HID reader and strike lock).

Also learn how the commands which let you troubleshoot coupling work eg. lf tune, hf tune because if you don’t understand this then you’ll have lots of issues to follow.

Once you think you’ve got a bit of a handle on all of this, (if you’re anything like me) you’ll need a goal to work towards to really get specific things figured out as the PM3 is such a versatile tool you’ll soon get lost/overwhelmed with options.

Hope this helps!


My mistake, if the T55XX card is blank then that command returns nothing.

Go have a look at this post for examples of writing a couple of different formats of HID cards to a T5577.