Anyone have experience with EM1040e devices?

These got installed at a place I’m doing some volunteering at.

Tried the NExT, I’ve not used the LF side at all really since I got it, but no response at all. I assume its because it’s expecting the device to be an EM1040e device.

I’d not seen an EM1040e reader before so I was curious.

It’s a fairly tight nit group here so they even let me have a quick poke around on the software. Decided to just leave it because they had already set everything up and knowing me it’d poke around for too long and mess something up. If it was mine I wouldn’t care but its no,t soo… :upside_down_face:

quick edit: found the datasheet from their website if you want to have a look
EM1040e ACTpro Prox 125kHz Reader

From their website (not that datasheet, the link appears broken?) I found:

Multiformat readers that can support all ACT 125KHz RFID cards and fobs including existing HID-compatible tokens.

Thus, I’d try reprogramming the LF side of your NExT implant as a HID card, or cloning an existing card and then modifying the ID and enrolling that into the system. Not sure if you have one, but a proxmark 3 would probably be needed. If you get your hands on an existing card when you have a proxmark up and running, it would be interesting to see a LF search scan result.

4 Likes should be the correct link for the datasheet BTW

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I do have a PM3Easy at home. I’ve not set the chip to HID before so I’ll look at the instructions for that.
I think I have an old laptop running Linux, I remember using Windows for PM3 stuff before and it was a pain in the hole.

I think it’d a bit much to ask for a card to bring home and tinker with, but If I get one assigned when they get more people logged in the system ill give it a go.
All the cards they have have currently been assigned but not distributed to people on site.

The link worked for me, maybe it was just cached though. I’ve updated it with the one you posted.

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Just ask if you get stuck mate. Somebody here will likely be near their PM3 and can talk you through the write process.

As a volunteer it may be a step too far, but if you indicate you have a strong interest and understanding of access systems
(just baffle them with bullshit) ,and you would be interested in looking after / assisting with their system.
Just a thought…

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I’ve become the defacto techie in the building, so people tend to come to me before they contact IT support through the intranet.
I let it slip that I worked in the IT sphere previously :laughing:

I’m pseudo employed kinda, hard to explain. I have access to everything an employed person does. They tend to send new hires or volunteers my way too, to help set them up and get familiarised with everything.nd I have a feeling they send me internal job listing for the my location so they can keep on site :rofl: :rofl:

And to be honest, I get more satisfaction helping people who support kids with disabilities than some multinational company anyway, so It doesn’t bother me

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Including access???

Including access???

Including access??? Remember when you had to look after some access systems from an IT integration point of view :wink:

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I’ve no doubt that at some point I will here that phrase that everyone hears if there are slightly better at technology than someone else, in a completely different role.

“Don’t suppose you know anything about X? Would you mind having a look? Thanks, I’m going for lunch and a long holiday.”