Anyone here with a walletmor have you had any negative experiences at stores

Not really a support question as much as it is just a question. I’m deciding on getting a walletmor but I fear that if I go to a shop and pay with absolutely nothing but my hand that the clerk might get some concerns on how I did it. And have a negative reaction. What I’m saying is I totally can see some clerk thinking you broke the reader if they are uneducated on contactless payments.

As long as the machine goes beep, they don’t care how you pay. You could do a rain dance in your underwear and as long as the machine says you paid they just care that you paid and then want you out of the store.

especially after the rain dance in underwear…

Though now it would be funny if you come up with some routine and tap the implant as part of it but make it seem like the dance was the trigger… LOL Like… put it in your forearm and do a haka with your arms out over the reader LOL


2 times wanted to check I actually paid, didn’t believe it’s really an implant until they checked the reciept and it actually said I paid. More funny than negative.

That’s funny. Did they say anything first or did you kind of come up to the register showing off that you had an implant? I’m just wondering and curious exactly how attentive are these clerks

Not really the couple places it’s worked so far have either not cared (it went beep and was paid) or where intrigued. When it dont work people seem to get annoyed if they have to press more buttons…

I’m paying since May 2020 with my converted vimpay Chip from Amal :slight_smile:
So many positive vibes from the clerks. Some of them asked me.

choclate store
“This is cool - I saw this the first time - the most people have only normal cars, only soem customers from Russia paid with their watch”

Fashion store
It was a bit punk / cyberpunk store - some cool clotes - i was searching after a belt. A young shop asssitend with many piercngs and tattoos showed me one - I bought it - she loved it and asked me some questions, where she can get one, what is also possible with implants - I talked her about my other rfidchips and magnets.

pharmacy, toy shop, dvd outlet,… (mixed store)
“the card is implanted - thats cool, my collegues wouldn’t believe it,…”

I must say, i work in a supermarkt and when I pay the first time with my card - the coolegues liekd it, two of them, when they saw friends in the line say also. “Coem and look, my collegue, is paying with ther hand”

I never got a negative reaction,… I only freaked some people out in the train, whe ni was unlocking my phone or computer with my implant - they changed the seat ( before Covid)


How do you do that? I’m working on a Tasker script to allow NFC unlocking without compromising security, but if there’s an easier solution, I’d love to know!

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1st was a pharmacy, so we talked a little then I paid and they were like “wait what was that? For real? Let me check”.

2nd was a normal supermarket, just a small “hey how did you do that?” “I have some chip implants” “Wow cool, but let me check I am responsible for the money… wow it’s real, interesting”

Many cashiers realize it, I’d say about half the time they get it. Most just smile or look surprised but dont say anything. Some other customers saw it aswell, same kind of reactions.

It made me realize how much payment implants are a marketing tool, I’d say just because of my pay 50+ people now know that this tech exists.

I can only use it on my old phone with the App: “Smart Pass lock NFC” The app has bugs - it stopped working under Android 10 (i can’T activate it on my new phone - I use on my new phone) I use my old phone for making telephone calls, palying, wahts app, and the stuff. My newer phone is only at home - is use it for online banking.

If you try the app: please set the “password” option. If your phoen restarts you can’T login into your phone with the nfcchip - I don’t know why - you can only do it with the passwort, which you can set in the “smart pass lock app”

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