Anyone know of any cheep android phones that can read and write to a nfc tag?

as the title says, im looking for a cheep phone that can read and write to my NExT implant. id prefer cheep phones or even second hand as its not gonna be my pain phone, not a phone at all really, just a devices to read and write urls and stuff to it.

I’m not finding any in the under 100 range, but I’m not trying super hard.

This website can give you full specs. I’d probably ask friends if anyone has a phone they’d take 50 for.

I fucked up and am too dumb to remove the preview. Enjoy. Lol

What about a proxmark easy if you want somrthing sub 100 dollars that can read/write nfc?

eBay has cheap used pixel 2 and other older Android phones for really cheap.

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ive already got one, just dont know how to write a url to it

Most android phones have NFC. Even the old Nexus 5 and Oneplus One I recently purchased to play with have it and they came out in 2013 and 2014. I paid $60 for each one on ebay. I was able to root them and flash Kali Nethunter for more fun. These two devices are very very easy to root. I recommend taking a look at the Kali Nethunter documentation for their supported devices and then check ebay for the best price. Even if Kali Nethunter isn’t your thing, the phones they support are great to root and being able to root an android phone opens all sorts of doors

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thanks for the reply, i managed to jail break my iphone to get nfc working with all nfc tags, as by default it only works with apple verified ones for writeing, its a pain in the ass. so i was forced to jail break, dosent matter to me as it was only an iphone 7.