Anything that scratches the same bodymod itch like implants for y'all?

Hey guys,

I have a lot of RFID implants, I really like having implants, showing people is cool and it gives me really good cyborg gender feelings.

That being said, theres only so many NFC chips you can put under your skin before it starts to get a bit samey. Have y’all found anything else that brings those good cyborg feelings to you? I think we’re in a all in a pretty privileged position to have the disposable income to put things under our skin and be really cool with it.

Some thoughts on the mind: I’ve seen UV ink tattoos in the cyberpunk line style that have piqued my interest, and those glow in the dark 3D implants that go under the skin look neat. I’ll probably get both of these at some point.

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Magnets, magnets and magnets.
Also magnets.


I always had a thing for transdermal piercings, although they can be difficult to heal or to keep.

Never thought about it like a gender. But I do know that someone got a blinky implanted down there… :blinky_blue:

I know the feeling…

Those are awesome IMHO, kinda wish that I could get a custom one in blue but I don’t know if it’ll glow well enough in that color. Green tends to be brighter and glow for longer.

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Alas gender is more than whats in your pants. Once the cyborg identity gets strong enough I definitely consider it part of my gender presentation.

I’m not saying you should cut your hand but I mean this guy definitely makes the most out of it:

If a guy in a garage can do that it makes your image much more realistic doesn’t it?

One thing that always bothered me with prosthetics is that we make them replicate biological body part when they should be taking advantage of their mechanical aspect and be designed around that. It almost feels like we can’t think of anything better sometimes. Although this is a step in that direction.
Rant over :grin:


For me, it’s everything glowy that feels somewhat special… my glowy subdermals, the glowing tattoo tests, all that stuff.
I’m a serious piercing addict as well (and depending on placement and jewelry, you can achieve a pretty cyborg-y look with those!), and well, of course, scarification. It’s all stuff that changes my body and brings it closer to what I internally feel like. Though I must say, other than many on this forum, I don’t really feel like a cyborg - it’s something different. Definitely tech-related for sure, but very “biological” as well. Some… glowing deep-sea mermaid with connection to living beings and tech alike?


Funny you say that. I always wanted bioluminescence, but real biological bioluminescence not just implants. I’m always surprised that hasn’t yet been figured out amongst the DNA biohackers. It sounds like one of the first things to look into :man_shrugging:

I know, I love that YouTube channel! There are still many challenges with making something that interfaces with the nervous system but I think that working on this is worthwhile. I’d go full robot in a heartbeat if I could… (or is it a clock cycle?)

Agreed! And there are several things that I want to try as the problems I mentioned get solved. Even if straying too far from a normal human form might feel weird at first.


That’s exactly the premise of the book Machine Man by Max Barry, which my go-to novel about cybernetic enhancements.