Apex Flex App install Failed

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue with my Apex Flex. It works well for some cases, but recently I’ve been having trouble installing applications.

I have the Fido2 and Status apps working fine, but I can’t install Satochip, Spark, and Fidesmo Go Nordic.

If it’s a matter of available space, I can understand, but I’m unable to uninstall them after the installation fails :confused:

Could you provide me with the AppIds so that I can try a direct installation via manual delivery?

Thank you :slight_smile:

the best i can say is - try an android phone. for some reason the iOS version just has difficulty, but we’ve not been able to sort out exactly what the problem is.

Try checking your space via the APEX Manager

After it fails, and even though it failed, you may still need to destroy it (if it gives you that option)

If you’re on iOS, I don’t think there is an Apex Manager app yet. Buuut, the Cybernetic app, also published by VivoKey, can also be used to check your available storage on the Apex.

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It’s weird it say 100%

what apps does Fidesmo say are loaded? if free memory loaded?

I tried to install the free memory app, but before scanning my flex the Fidesmo app failed and now I can’t try to install it anymore T-T

If I tried to uninstall it failed

i feel like this is probably a coupling problem. installing and uninstalling applications takes a long time, and you have to hold your phone very steady while doing it.

do you maybe have a usb reader like an acr122u ir acr1252u by chance?

Nop, I only have a flipper but useless for this case and a broken proxmark.

For the free memory app, I think Fidesmo have an entry in their database for each device, when a device try to install they add the app in their entry, but the entry is added before any scan, so if we don’t scan our device we can’t retry install.

It wasn’t like that in the past, but maybe an update on their side ?

possibly… app deployment has always been a bit iffy for failed attempts… it used to be that you had to fix it with an ACR122U or attached USB reader, but now it seems you can at least attempt to destroy a failed installation.

So where are you at now… you have failed app deployments that you can’t remove?

Yep, when I try to remove it doesn’t work, I think I can try to reinstall but without appID I can’t :confused:

what exact android phone are you using to try destroying the applet with? lets focus on removing applets first before redeploying.

I use an old galaxy S7, but my main phone is a iPhone 14pro