Apex flex Free Memory app

I’ve got my ApexFlex into my hand a few days ago. I started to set it up but found an applet what I want to use but can’t find anything about it.
Free Memory applet says I have to use it with the Apex manager smartphone app but I’m unable to find it.
On the vivokey.com/apex site there’s a link to the Apex apps but the website says this url doesn’t exist.

Dang! Sorry about that… fixing…

The free memory app is used by the soon-to-be released Apex Manager smartphone app. When the free memory app is loaded to your Apex, and you scan it with the Apex manager, you will see a total amount of memory available and total amount of memory used. If the free memory applet is not loaded, you will not get this information.


fixed (thank you!)… but just to be clear, the apps are actually listed directly under that link;

Yes, but those are only the Apex apps(applets) as I see. I want to play around with the smartphone app. As you said it’s soon to be released, it’s clean for me. Thanks!


It acts a bit weird like the free memory won’t work and not showing the correct applets, but I ungerstand the meaning of Early Access. Thanks!

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FYI @wolfy:

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I did it, but thnks

At this point, with the version on the Play store, if you remove Free Memory completely then the correct applets should show up :slight_smile:

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