Apex Flex NFC Capabilities

I’ve looked through both the forums and the Apex Flex product page but I cannot find any mention of NFC capabilities beyond what VivoKey/Fidesmo offers. Does the Flex have any NFC capabilities outside of this ecosystem? Something like T55xx capabilities (fingers crossed)? Can anyone guide me in the correct direction for some more info on this?

No, the Apex is a high frequency implant and the T5577 is a low frequency chip. I’d suggest getting two implants if you want low frequency support


What exactly are you trying to achieve? There may be some alternatives…

So far the only thing I’d like to do is clone my HID Prox id (apartment access control) to the chip. I have a t5577 coin that I cloned and it’s in my phone case, but I’d love to have bio entry. I got the Flex mostly for the OTP feature to be fully honest. I’m not super familiar with smart cards and what they allow, so I’m open to many ideas. At this point I think I may be getting a flexNT or NExT (cus blinkies!) but I’ve never come across an NTAG and not sure where it’s common.

tl;dr — HID Prox ID clone and whatever else may be possible for cool stuff!

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Your coin is good, but a card would be better ( also likely thinner ) I carry a T5577 Card in my phone case, as a test card, and a backup for if I come across a stubborn reader.
And yes, an implant is COOLER :sunglasses:

A perfect excuse to get the ApexFlex

I am assuming you have been on the Fidesmo App store to get your OTP setup.
You would have seen some other options there also.
If you are familiar with OTP, you are on track for learning how to use the other.
REMEMBER though, you are an early adopter and there are still things being worked on in the background.
Of course there is the obvious but very usable NDEF option too.

:thinking: you will be referring to the Version 2 of them, but you have to wait until Soon™
If you want Blinkie, you currently have xSIID to fulfil that.

They are reasonably common, especially the NTAG213 in sticker format ( i.e. Disposable )
You will find, the more things you scan, the nore you will realise how much RFID ( LF & HF is out in the wild )