Apex Flex Release for Vivokey Beta Testers?

Has worked started on the x-series form factor for the apex? I want the flex but I don’t see any installers in California

You’ll have to call local shops. People will do it if you ask but will not advertise it. I had called 4 shops before finding one that would do it, and I’m in conservative Utah. So you should be able to find something.

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Don’t forget the flex comes with a needle for install. Slightly different to the X series but if your installer can do an X series they will certainly be able to do the flex with the needle.

Just make sure you have a drink to steel your nerves before looking at the needle. It is bloody huge.

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well darn

Don’t call to do anything but schedule a consultation. Follow the How to approach a professional - DT Info - Dangerous Things Forum

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I just had my Vivokey Flex installed in Salt Lake City. There is a shop listed on the installer map. Really friendly staff although I was surprised at the install price given that they are just using the needle to make the pocket.

What was the price?

Yeah the price I got was like $250 I think. But it was the only place that would do it and a flex is more than I can self install. It was a nice place, nice people, so I was fine paying that much. I normally would go to koi in the past but Patrick the guy who did the cool stuff retired I guess.

Do you live in SLC?

They charged me $200 so maybe it was a different shop I went too although my installer used the same needle technique. Like you said though it was worth it since I wasn’t going to shove that needle in myself.

I do not. I took a week off of work for vacation and drove across the country. Since I was passing through SLC or Denver I hit up the installers listed on the map to see which one fit my schedule better and SLC was the best option for me logistically. Would definitely go back to them for a flex install if I was in the area but there is an installer who I normally go to in LA but I guess he doesn’t work consistently like pre pandemic.

I bet it was the same place and I’m just not remembering the price right. But agree, it was pretty painless, I watched the full process and felt almost nothing. I was unsure of the flattening but it worked out well.

If your ever in SLC again hit me up and we’ll grab a drink or something :slight_smile:

Not sure when I will be back out that way but sounds like a plan.

Thanks @amal. Received it in good order.

Next step is to get it implanted & somehow convince Fidesmo to provide a Developer Account… #happy :smiley:


If there are applications you’d like to deploy that aren’t already available let us know!

PIV applet!

It’s on the roadmap. Got any working code?

It looks like @fraggersparks was working on it several years ago,

It’s missing some stuff as far as I recall

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Have there been any updates on the PIV applet for apex?

It’s on our roadmap but lower on the priority.

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