Apex Implant or other?

Hey all,

Looking to get a new implant in the future after my first went well(spark 2). I would love it to be able to work as an access key for work and I know they use the 125KHz format. What kind of implant would you guys suggest. I’d love to wait for apex but I’m not sure if that will work with this format and obviously it’s gonna be a tad more expensive than just a next or other 125KHz implant. Any ideas on what would suit?

I’m sure an apex wont work for that, I guess itll be HF pnly.
Go for a flexEM or xEM but make sure it works / is clonable before you buy it.
Do you know more about your access control system than that it is LF? Any model nr or do you have a card/fob?

That was my assumption. I’ll probably end up with one anyway but yeah. I’ll probably go xEM then I don’t know the system much other that it’s LF and my card is a cotag brand

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Might as well get the cyborg bundle and either save the xNT or find someone to split it with.

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Cotag is more secure than standard 125 kHz technology because the content on the card is protected and there
is no equipment available outside Siemens to copy or tamper with the cards.


Have a read of this thread

But more interestingly, this Proxmark forum post

Which is an old thread (2013)

But there now seems to be some Proxmark commands… on the Iceman fork at least

lf cotag read