Apex Install Location

Hey all,

Couple of years back I had a NeXT installed in the traditional position between the thumb and index finger and it’s been working out great! I was recently seduced into purchasing an Apex Flex and am wondering about install locations since I think the flex form factor is better suited to other locations.

Right now I’m thinking either the back of my hand, or back of my wrist but the number of tendons there gives me pause. So, any other recommendations on flex install locations?

I did back of my wrist. It works well for me in that location. If I had to install again, I would put it in the same spot.


I’ve got my Apex above my pinky


Definitely something to consider, but one thing to keep in mind is your tendons only really show and make needle things difficult when your hand is flat. Try it, set your hand on a table and feel the back of your hand for tendons. Now, make a fist with your hand, not squeezing or making white knuckles, just enough that your hand is in a ball. Now try to feel for tendons, you’ll still feel them, especially your pointer finger’s, but your other 3 you won’t feel nearly as much. Any skilled piercer will be able to feel for the same anatomy, adjust your hand position as necessary, and insert the needle shallow enough to not hit any bones or tendons. I would love to have my APEX, when I get it, be in the back of my hand, but with how often I have to shove my hand into small pipes(no innuendos intended) I don’t feel that a flex would survive long. I’ll likely go for the back of the wrist, which may be a great option for you as the tendons disappear quickly as you move up the arm.(source: phlebotomy experience)

I have mine on top of my pinky metacarpal and it’s great. I never noticed it, and it’s easy to tap on things. Issue with the wrist is if you wear a watch, bracelet, or even a jacket you’d need to move stuff around to get it scanned.

wow! how big are your hands?

I feel like I have pretty normal sized hands for a 5’11 guy but it does take a good portion of the length.

Marked with blue the ends of the implant.

I’m a wrist kind of person: same location I installed my Vivokey beta and I’m satisfied.
There’s plenty of flat space, it’s easy to reach and I don’t bump on it that often

I planned to get mine inbetween pink and ring finger but it ended up living mostly on the pinky but some of it (end towards the wrist) goes into the gap. Id rate is 7/10 overall

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I have mine on the underside of my wrist below my pinky, and if I had to do it again I’d put it in the same spot.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, and for some of the different install locations! Definitely a lot to think about here. I think I’m leaning towards my wrist, but Ill ponder it over the next month or so until my install appointment.

Thanks again for all the great feedback!

ohhhhhhhhhhhh… for whatever reason my brain was like…


Me too!