Apex Ring and Fidesmo Pay

Hey, what’s up everyone,

I’ve been thinking about getting a pre-order for the apex ring but recently saw they ran out of stock on the product site. I was wondering if the apex ring was in beta right now or if it’s officially out now. And I was also wondering if it came with Fidesmo Pay or any other payment options.

getcybernetic.com sells the ring. It supports the whole Fidesmo platform including Pay.

If you are outside Europe, Pay will not be useful right now.

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getcybernetic.com sells a Fidesmo-provisioned P71 chip in a ring form factor. Its the same chip in the Apex Ring and the Apex Flex. Cybernetic has a partnership with Dangerous Things/VivoKey, but their ring and the Apex ring are separate devices.

I’m not sure when DT will begin selling the rings but unless you really need one right away it might make sense to wait. I haven’t heard anything at all about GetCybernetic’s products in terms of reviews, customer service, etc.

As a hint:

  • the Apex Ring I bought came in a box branded “Cybernetic”
  • an Apex Ring scanned in the Fidesmo app shows up as a “Cybernetic”

The current plan is that the “apex ring” won’t come back in stock. If you want one, feel free to buy one from Cybernetic. It’s a different company technically, but it’s spun off from vivokey and it’s the same product. There never were two manufacturing runs, only one.

Yeah the ring started as a VivoKey product Apex Ring but VivoKey and the team want to continue to be focused on implants so we spun out a new company Cybernetic Research with a new CEO. While VivoKey will remain focused on development, this new company is focused on bringing wearables and possibly implants to market.


Thanks for the clarification.