Apex u2f and mac

Hello. I have a acr122u connected to my mac. Can i use it to log in to websites with the u2f applet on my apex? It works fine on my phone

Hey, this functionality is not currently possible on MacOS. This includes use of traditional security keys like the Yubikey 5C NFC via a NFC interface on mac.

According to About Security Keys for Apple ID - Apple Support , “Near-field communication (NFC) keys work only with iPhone.” . This at least I can confirm, the FIDO2 applet works great with iPhone.

Support for NFC FIDO in Browsers which use the specified API (usually at least Chrome, Firefox and Edge) is currently only available on (as far as I have tested):

  • Windows (via Microsoft API, U2F and FIDO2)
  • Linux (via CTAP-bridge, FIDO2 only)
  • Android (via Google Play Services, U2F only)
  • Android (via microG GSM Core, U2F and FIDO2)
  • iPhone (via Apple API, FIDO2 only(?))

I suppose you could port the CTAP-Bridge to MacOS, however the MacOS Kernel is missing the USB Gadget module to easily emulate USB devices, so I guess we would have to hope for Apple to add PC/SC support to their FIDO stack on MacOS, similar how Microsoft provides for Windows.

I am also toying with the idea of building a custom NFC USB reader, which can present as a USB FIDO device to the PC as well. However, that is not more than an idea currently. Edit: It might be as easy as deploying e.g. a Raspberry Pi with a PC/SC reader attached, and using CTAP-bridge to proxy NFCCTAP to CTAPUSB via a USB OTG driver.