Apex YubiKey Emulation

Hello all, I am trying to set up my Apex so I can use it as my auth for work. Due to the config we have set up within Microsoft we only have certain models of YubiKeys enabled. Does anyone know what model of YubiKey the Apex emulates? (I need the AAGUID if that helps)

Thanks in advance!

I believe Entra ID / Azure AD needs to be configured to allow other types / models of authenticator. The attestation cert loaded into our Fido app will be changing once we go for certification.

@StarGate01 can get you the current AAGUID


The current AAGUID of the Vivokey FIDO2 applet is c8468938-2e9f-4e93-82ca-e59cd24d67d8 .

You can also find this information by scanning the FIDO2 applet on a chip and reading the FIDO info metadata. E.g. Yubico demo website and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.cotech.hw.fido.example&hl=gsw display the AAGUID during registration tests.