Apologies if this is a common question

So, today I smashed my hand on accident on my hand in my car door, wwasn’t very hard, but it hit my Vivokey Spark 2 implant and it hurt like a radial pain shooting out from the implant area (between thumb and index finger). It doesn’t feel like it broke, but does anyone know how to tell if my vivokey did break and any pain that may indicate it being broken? The NFC works perfectly fine.

G-d it hurts. lol.

Any advice helps! :slight_smile: Apologies again if this is a common question, and in the incorrect category!


This is no medical advice and only comming from my personal expireence of smashing implants between stuff

Im sure your spark is fine and what happend is that you inner encapsulation ripped, which hurts, i know… give it a week or two and it will feel like nothing has happend :slight_smile:

the glass us ultra durable and really hard to break. but your inner encapsulation is not.


Can you still read the implant? If there was enough force to break the implant, one would assume it would be enough to break the antenna connection as well. If you can read it, it should be a good sign it is not broken. If you can’t, that doesn’t necessarily mean it broke as you may have swelling around it which will likely increase before it starts to get better.


To be fair the glass isn’t super durable but its breaking point is much higher than the tissue surrounding it, and for the most part your tissue will give way before the glass will break.


thank you! :slight_smile: the area around my implant has started to bruise.

It can still be read, thank you! :slight_smile: it just hurts a lot haha. Bruising and a little inflammation but nothing too bad.


That’s sort of comforting to know, thank you! :slight_smile: I’d much rather have some tissue damage that can heal than have to make an incision and remove all the shards and the chip. Cheers!