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Hey there, I have been wondering if you guys ever plan on getting iOS apple support with the RFID sparks. I really have been wanting to purchase one and even if you guys can make an app for the iPhone. I’m sure it could end up being compatible eventually. If there is a way you guys can make the app that would be a epic start.

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I’m unsure what you mean by

Could you elaborate?

If you are talking about the vicokey spark and spark2, the spark1 is nolonger available and the spark 2 should be compatible with IOS.

See this thread for more info.


This thread has some information about the status of VivoKey and iOS:

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Yes the vivokey spark 2. I want to purchase one and I run iOS. So is it safe to buy one now as I’m a avid apple user. I hope apple gets on board fast. And is there a way to become a provider of this product here in Canada. I’d like to start selling the RFID spark through my company as well.

LOL. just saw you beat me to the punch by seconds :stuck_out_tongue: @Devilclarke

I would contact DT directly.
Or PM @amal.

Haha, gotcha.

@Devinm121 I believe the spark 2 does work with IOS I think the issue revolved around the spark 1.

I believe that the spark 2 can be read fine by IOS and Anroid with most configuration carried out via the Web.

As for selling them see leuma95 post above.

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Yes we actually heard back from Apple about the ISO 15693 command issue and they are working on resolving it for the Spark 1. The Spark 2 is supported on iOS but we have not engaged fully yet for two reasons; first because we are pushing Apple to fox iOS to allow us to talk to the Spark 1, and second because we are low on capital and have someone “tinkering” on an iOS app as a side hobby… we’re looking to get some funding to remedy this and other issues, but covid-19 is a terrible environment to try to raise money in.


I can see that. Do you have a patreon or anything?


I feel like @amal is talking about venture capital investment or similar, feel like I have seen him discuss it before. But could be way off. :sweat_smile:

Personally I would love to invest in this space, seems like great growth potential, but alas all my money goes into things like implants and server racks and whatever takes my fancy at any given time. :crying_cat_face:


I guess I wasn’t sure if he ever crowd funded projects. I am not rich, but I mean, I would like to see new stuff eventually like a new way to glow. Just wasn’t sure really.

I am sure I talked or read in the past about it and his need for it. I assume that it is significantly more than I or several of us can help with. But if a little here or there helps a small side project, I am cool with that.


I recon so!

Maybe we can all ask to buy shares or just inverst, is that something you would do @amal ?


If @amal went public in some way I would be in as shares are a much smaller commitment than VC investment.

Personally I feel I will be more useful once there are some open source projects to contribute too beyond my own little projects.


I looked into regulation A crowdsourced equity funding but it’s a paperwork nightmare and there are a lot of downsides, including the need to create a quorum to represent the group of investors as a single entity, otherwise it becomes insane to manage… and the issue of dealing with all these equity holders when you want to go for a “real” VC funding round… in short they don’t like it… it’s messy… so the only way to do it would be to spend a ton of money to run a huge campaign with lots of coverage and advertising and raise a shitload of money… like a serious kickstarter… and that’s pretty difficult to do.

Ultimately we are going to be looking for angel groups and VC funds open to seed stage companies.

Hah my wife thinks I should start one, just to put out a bunch of rando videos and get some subs… but honestly I feel like even though it would be a lot of fun, it would steal time from other projects and working on getting a seed round in the bank. The absolute best thing anyone could do would be to help spread the word about DT and get more people to buy chips :slight_smile: That’s honestly the absolute most helpful thing anyone who isn’t a qualified angel investor can do for us at this point.


I tell em all. I think once the Apex comes out, it will help normalize it in America.


That’s why we love you… Your dedication

Even when you try and get me on social media :wink: