Apple Pay, Samsung pay, credit cards?

So I’ve seen on YouTube and the web that people are making Nfc rings and linking them to cards to pay would there be a way to do this with the xNT. Or link it with Apple Pay or Samsung pag? I pretty new so I’m trying to figure stuff out if I might sound stupid.

There are no stupid questions when your cutting holes in your body and shoving things inside them. However, this has been answered before. The short answer is no. Samsung “pag” and Apple Pay and Android pay work on a weird token system thingy that constantly needs to be updated and interacting with a server or something, and NFC cards are alot more complicated than the nt or df chips.Your thinking about Vevokey.


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Any update on this question? I am curious as hell…

The information in the “Making Payments with an Implant” that Amal linked still stands.