Apple pushing NFC tags

Watching WWDC live stream right now. A big push they have for iOS 14 is a new thing they’re calling App Clips. They seem to be smaller, minimal feature versions of apps for an instant usage without sign ups, etc. The example was to go to a parking garage and get an App Clip that lets you pay now without getting the whole app.

Now where does NFC come in? Their plan for these clips include NFC stickers that link to the App Clip. There was a significant portion of the pitch explaining that you could put these anywhere and link to an App Clip. I can only think that NFC being more ubiquitous would be good for the DT community. Think of how Apple Pay helped the tap to pay industry move in all over. I’m hopeful that this could help make NFC become the everyday mode of interaction it was intended to be.


Every time I see stuff like this after some Apple announcement all I can think of is this

YT Video for anyone wanting to cringe for a minute




i’m more than a little terrified they are going to “i made this” NDEF standards, then “i’m changing this” to make incompatible NDEF data types and other bullshit… like they always do.


god that was such a good show

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As seen by not simply using a AppClip logo in a QR but creating this round thing.

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That is good news

A small problem is that iPhones prior to 2018 (such as 7, 8, X) don’t support background reading, so Apple will need to implement a official NFC reader app. And then people using iPhone 6 or 6S are SOL because it doesn’t support NFC reading.

Well, QR is always the second option