Approaching Family to Explain Chipping

A piece of cloth sports tape will give it some support and protection but not get in the way.
All I ever wanted was a pinky finger gun…

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I always look for people with bandaids or tape right there! It would be hysterical to find someone that way!


Or electronically… “in scanning acquisition mode…”
Accidents never happen…

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I once saw a guy getting into a building who I could swear only presented his hand to the reader. I didn’t dare ask him if he had a chip, and it happened very quickly anyway, but I wish I had.

It’s still rare, but not as rare as you might think.

Also, more and more people are aware that it exists: the other day, I was out vaping at work when the DHL guy came by with a big delivery box. I opened the door for him, and when he saw I didn’t use a card, he said in passing “Oh, you have one of those? I’ve heard of em but you’re the first one I see.” and left it at that.


I’m going to keep the splint on at least until the 2 week period is over, but if I’m not supremely annoyed by it, I’ll keep it for a few days longer to remind myself to not do any construction work, get into the underground bare knuckle boxing scene, or backhand slap anyone.

Gotcha. I’m a little afraid that I’m always going to be overly cautious with my right hand now, but like you’re saying I guess it’ll end up where it wants to eventually. Thanks for the insight!

We need a thread for “chipspotting,” I had a clever name for such a thread about 3 hours ago but now of course I can’t remember it.
With chip implants becoming more common I feel like we need some sort of secret signal or handshake… the Sparkfun guy has a little wifi connection symbol tattooed over his chip, but that’s a little extreme.

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OrdinarySmoggyDaddylonglegs-size_restricted giphy (16)




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Need a led chipset on the forehead that lights up… one of us.


this is a long thread. so, I am sure I have missed and may be redundant in my response here.

I would be honest, truthful and passionate about your aspiration for the chipset. Speak to the “what” - the technology challenges in today’s world - i.e., security, identity, data sharing, etc., and how to solve to those challenges - that is the narrative; once the business challenge narrative is sold, the implanting is the “how” - speak to how people have always fixed bad knees with knee, hip, teeth replacements. But, don’t oversell the reality. Also layout the risks. Let them know the pros/cons and how you’re seeing it.

if my son were to be interested in getting a chipset, I would say, “no”. unless I can sense the passion and that he’s serious about understanding the subject and not going crazy overboard. that is just me…

my 2c worth FWIW.


My parents know only about 4 Chipimplants. On TV I said only “Several” this could mean 3 or much more.

They know ablout the: flexNT, the Spark, the xSIID and the creditcard

I didn’t told them about the magnets.

What it was a surprise, my father is a bit intrested in technology, saw it was easy to explain RFID. The advantage was, that they have RFID Access Cards at the golfcourt.


Yeah, I might try to get my folks into RFID tags. They have tons of use for them. Both of them carry ~ 1lb of keys!


Smart play my friend.
They can carry one fob or card instead of bunches of keys…easy sale.


the lockdown has also some positive effect: the most time my parents used to pay with cash and sometimes they used the card ( gas station) know I showed them, that they can pay easy at the stores, only put the card on the reader. My mother didn’t know that this was so easy - know she loves it :slight_smile:

The first time when I told them I have chipimplants, they asked also, is this dangerous. I told them getting medical implants like breast implants this is much more dangerous.
I’m also glad that many friends from my parents are very religious, I tlaked also with them about the implants - and no one talked about “mark of the beast” and they know the bible.

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Same with the locksmiths I work with. Additionally, an implant would be more secure than our current setup (ID cards for most of the locks and exterior doors on campus, and master keys) as if one of those gets lost the entire campus is basically unlockable.

Woah, you were on TV? Nice!

I bet this helps! Over the last few weeks of explaining to people what and why I got chipped, it seems like most people are a bit more understanding of it once they get used to the concept and how it works.

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Some friends saw me on TV - they were surprised and asked me a lot of questions - all positiv.
It was also fun, when I was at the hsopital in october - the doctors were also intresting - you must fill out a sheet of paper, and there was also a section about implants.

Maybe you can shwo it with testcards, how it works, and the range is vey small of this cards too.


It was pretty painless telling my family. I showed up to a dinner at my mom’s with my brother. While we waited in the lobby to get buzzed in I kept swiping my hand against the reader making it beep and pretending to get frustrated that the door wasn’t opening, he thought I was palming a card.

Sitting around after dinner I asked my mom to text me then opened my texting app with my chip. She just laughed and was not surprised I would do something like this. I guess getting tattoos and a Prince Albert in college prepared her. :stuck_out_tongue:
She’s incredibly not online, so she has no idea about gov’t controlling people conspiracies or even Mark of the Beast stuff. Stepdad just said “oh neat, what else can you do with it?”

The only real negative reaction was someone that thought it was a huge painful surgical procedure, and got grossed out.


Oh boy. How did that come up?

“Mom, we need to have a talk. I need to you know, this is important, my penis is pierced.”


It was after I started stretching my lobes or getting my tongue pierced. “This is nothing, guess what I did a few months ago!”

I’ve got two more, I guess I love freaking my Mom out. Sorry OP for derailing your thread.

She found out about a tattoo on a bus. I was coming home from the parlour, she got on the same bus and saw me with a big bandage. She gave me a dirty look and had to bite her tongue until we got off.

My least favourite was telling her I got a vasectomy over the phone while she was at work, (she was joking/asking for grandkids, I didn’t just bring it up!). Found out later she had to explain to coworkers why she was crying. My brother had a kid later so she got her wish at least. She laughs at this one now, so it might be my most favourite.