Approaching Family to Explain Chipping

I’ll second that, I was barefoot for years and I’d go outdoor rock climbing and bush walks etc can’t think of a time not wearing shoes resulted in an injury.

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I learned something new today! Education is power.
I tried to go barefoot one summer, lasted about two days before I stubbed my toe hard enough to crack the nail in half. I guess some of us are just too clumsy :disappointed:

You can stub a toe in sandles and flip flops :man_shrugging: My worst foot injury was clipping my pinkie toe on the door frame of my bedroom… 2 broken bones and a dislocation :sweat_smile: soles of my feet however where the toughest part of my body and never got hurt.

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Barefooters quickly learn to look ahead and develop a keen awareness of where their tootsies are all the time :slight_smile:


Not to derail the original or current topic (I’m running on 2 AM brain), but is taking 669% of the daily recommended folic acid intake of a pregnant woman going to hurt me? Just got my prenatal vitamins in (fruit gummies! Fun!) and want to make sure I’m not accidentally killing myself. Big proponent of overdoing things, which is why I’m taking 3x the recommended dosage. Link here to the vites:

Also posted in the actual thread on prenatal vitamins, but more drawn out. Not trying to actually throw the thread off, just not sure if anyone will respond to a thread from 2 months ago (new to this stuff).

It’s very hard to OD on vitamins. You body simply rejects what it doesn’t need. So you’re probably just pissing away your money. - quite literally

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Sometimes I hate how the body works. Was kind of hoping it would make my beard grow better :pensive:
Guess it’s better than actual adverse effects I suppose. I’ll cut back accordingly-- thanks for the input!

Definitely DO NOT Lie to them.
Looks like you
“have dug your hole”
“Made your bed”

Your thread mate, derail away

Well your nails and hair will grow faster…Not sure about “better”

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Update: In addition to all of the points previously discussed, I believe I’m going to make a powerpoint presentation for after I talk to my family. Hope to simplify some stuff from the X-series Transponders FAQ section, and maybe throw some general stuff like aftercare tips and whatever I can find. Then attempt to sprinkle some humor in there, add some install pics to gross them out at the end, and we are golden. Suggestions are open for this as well!

At the very least, I can say I got over my fear of needles. I’m assuming the Flex install needle will be the Mac Daddy, but in the meantime implant needles are the final boss of shots-- how big are these things, 15 gauge or so?


Better than powerpoints: show them. Get them to scan your implant with their cellphones. Make them do something cool.

Powerpoints man… If one family member of mine brings that to my home, I’ll kick them out in a hurry. I got enough of that garbage at work :slight_smile:


Thats kind of funny, I’m chipped please see slide 22 for more information on tracking :sweat_smile:

With my first (self install at 17) I took the healing time to get a project done for me it was my motorcycle ignition.
My story kind of went hey mum, dad look at this walks over to bike sits on and starts bike no keys how cool is the. The questions where then “how, what if someone else does that” well you see the little black thing there its an antenna when I grab the handlebars the chip is read and starts the bike, just like the chip in the car key.
But wheres the chip, oh its here. Couple of question on how it got in and what if it breaks but that was it.

Up until this point they had no idea what a chip was, why i would want one and that I had one. I made the joke it was like the dogs so if I ever forget where home is scan me and they will get a phone call.

I guess what I’m trying to say is do something with it, show them how you can use it (I wouldn’t tell them its glass, omission rather than lie) and most of all joke about it.


Hey all,
So I did it. No dramatics, stated my arguments, and they basically said they didn’t agree with me for doing it, but it’s done and now that the healing process is nearly complete, there’s not too much to worry about. Actually pretty easy conversation, phew. Time to post on social media about it (maybe get some more people interested in it), we’ll see how out of control that gets :roll_eyes:
Thank you all for the support and aid.

One argument I just thought of against the whole “unnecessary insertion of things in your body” point is earrings-- actually have a much higher rejection and infection rate than chips, and as Amal mentioned, a piercing has 2 holes instead of one, so double the baseline risk of infection. These chips are bioglass, which is chemically neutral if I remember correctly, unlike some metals that people have reactions to… pretty sure allergic reactions are different than foreign body rejections but you get my point. And why do we do it? Because society tells us to. Not necessary at all, and has a much lower success rate than chip implants-- but we feel comfortable taking our 10 year olds to get it done. Food for thought.

My next question is, how long until I can grip my Xbox controller and game? What about mountain biking?
It’s been a week and a half already and most of that has been spent with a splint keeping my thumb and forefinger from abducting-- so far I feel like it has helped keep the chip from moving (it’s felt like it’s wanted to, as detailed in the last post of mine), and reminds me not to use my hand. That might be the greatest advantage to it.
I’m working on designing a properly-ergonomic splint system in TinkerCAD (hopefully AutoCAD if I can get it renewed through my school), will keep y’all updated on that. I know they already exist, but I’m useless at home until I can use both hands again.

Thanks again for the help!!


Not a doctor, so no medical advise. But for me. As long as it doesn’t hurt. I’d be comfortable using a controller the day after. Same for biking. Just be attuned to the signals your body is giving you.


Ya I tried that, well not the permission part but didn’t tell my wife… told her last month, shes still pissed.

Like Pilgrimsmaster said, better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Maybe wait some more with the splint. But I reckon you can do anything you want now. If the chip keeps wanting to shift at this point, it’ll find a way to do it eventually no matter how careful you are, unless you’re willing to spend the rest of your life not using your hand.

If it was coated, I’d say give your body more time to anchor it. But for uncoated chips, my gut feeling is that the whole splint and vitamins thing is more wishful thinking than anything else. I mean it probably works to an extent for people whose body reacts strongly to foreign objects, but the anchoring is probably weak or nonexistent for most people.

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A piece of cloth sports tape will give it some support and protection but not get in the way.
All I ever wanted was a pinky finger gun…

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I always look for people with bandaids or tape right there! It would be hysterical to find someone that way!


Or electronically… “in scanning acquisition mode…”
Accidents never happen…

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I once saw a guy getting into a building who I could swear only presented his hand to the reader. I didn’t dare ask him if he had a chip, and it happened very quickly anyway, but I wish I had.

It’s still rare, but not as rare as you might think.

Also, more and more people are aware that it exists: the other day, I was out vaping at work when the DHL guy came by with a big delivery box. I opened the door for him, and when he saw I didn’t use a card, he said in passing “Oh, you have one of those? I’ve heard of em but you’re the first one I see.” and left it at that.


I’m going to keep the splint on at least until the 2 week period is over, but if I’m not supremely annoyed by it, I’ll keep it for a few days longer to remind myself to not do any construction work, get into the underground bare knuckle boxing scene, or backhand slap anyone.

Gotcha. I’m a little afraid that I’m always going to be overly cautious with my right hand now, but like you’re saying I guess it’ll end up where it wants to eventually. Thanks for the insight!