April fools goodness?

Anyone experience any April fools shenanigans they feel like sharing?

LPLs video has definitely been the winner for me so far.

Please send more content I’m bored and can’t sleep :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If any good comes out of the coronavirus crisis, it’ll have to be the death of April fools’ jokes. They’re f*ing stupid, and I warn everybody I meet that they’d better not play one on me that day or I’ll literally get violent - and I look serious enough that they believe me. I can’t wait for the clock to hit 00:00 Apr 2 every year…


I’m the same way.

I like in person April fools jokes, like on friends or family. Spreading stuff over the internet is just shit so I ignore most every entertainment type news for an entire day, and a little bit more since the US is 7hrs behind me in time.

Just one day?

I dont own a tv, so that kinda helps I guess

I think traditionally jokes are only supposed to be played up until midday on the 1st anyway…

I must still be a child at heart, I love them, I still play pranks, and “enjoy” pranks being played on me, but April Fools is ironically not the best day because people are much more guarded and aware. Any day of the year is fair game

The best ones are the dormant ones, just set and forget

A Stink bomb in the small enclosed server room, set off by pressure sitting on the chair, I have another one that has been in position since late last year in somebody else’s office, I still dont know if it has been set off, and I am just as happy not knowing, It brings a smile to my face every time I think about it, Oh just remembered another one I put in an office chair that went to an office furniture recyclers… Who know where that has gone

The eviltron set at the end of a conduit leading above the “victims” desk :musical_note:

Glitter Bomb cards :fireworks:

Hot Gluing staples inside a stapler

Motorbike :motorcycle: Licence plate was covered with an inappropriate one, that went un-noticed for just over a week until somebody propositioned them at a service station

The list goes on…

Instant gratification ones are great also
Keyboard Key swaps
Sticking down, everything on a desk etc

Even simple ones are good
2 months ago, I got to work early just to make a fort Kick-Ass around somebody elses desk, only to leave and wait and watch for them to arrive, and then innocently “arrive” at work myself a suitable timed period later

Ongoing ones are fun, My daughter and I have a bright pink squeaky mouse that we hide in each others things, I have got her really good with it a few times

A mate and I have an object we do the same with… I am currently in the firing line to find it

Haha, laughing even now thinking about some others from the past, and some I have planned

Embrace it, enjoy it, It means somebody cares enough to spend time and money on you

I wish we worked in the same office… even the same country! Jokes aren’t just restricted to the home and office :wink:


not this year, but the best April Fool’s moment was Homestar Runner updating for the first time in YEARS back in 2014. most people had just accepted it was over for good.


I found this one kinda funny…




Lol yes that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Well i’m supposed to be working but

That happened
Thanks Amal


That is sooo bad it is funny, I guess that is the point

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Burninating the countryside… burninating the peasants… burninating all the people, who live in thatched roof cottages!!! thatched roof cottages!!!



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