AR Glasses of the Future

Not really a body augmentation topic, but another step towards the future I want to live in is the concept of AR glasses. I’ve been trying to get my work to buy me a Hololens, but in the meantime, I was super pumped for the much more practical consumer product, Focals by North. They were a pair of smart glasses that released last year and according to reviewers, were pretty decent. Basically, they put a smartwatch interface on your glasses. Well, they were planning a release of a second-gen product, but Google acquired them and killed the project. I was pretty disappointed about that. Now it looks like the only consumer-focused AR face wear tech coming out is Apple’s rumored smart glasses. Now I’ve been a hardcore Android fan for a long time, but honestly, I’d consider switching for smart glasses. What are your guy’s thoughts on smart glasses?

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Tangentially related. What the fuck actually is this?

A pipe dream, looks like the company doesn’t have any actual product. Just an idea. The idea of smart contact lenses are cool, but honestly, I don’t see the technology existing before cyborg eye replacements. And at that point who cares right?

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This makes me kinda sad - I really liked what North was doing, and was looking forward to trying out the Focals 2.0. Sucks that they’re just canning the whole project (including their already released product and software).