Are the Apex Ring & Z-1 Encrypter Ring the same product?

Are the Apex Ring and the Z-1 Encrypter Ring the same product? They both appear to be rings using the same chipset as the Apex Flex. Is the distinction that they’re sold by different companies?

That site is using pictures of Amal & DT products. Buyer beware it could very well be a scam.

The site is linked to from the Apex Manager app

That site is good awful!
I wonder if it’s the same person that made the blue/pink cyberpunk looking implant site.

Yes it’s a partner using the Apex chipset. We will have more partners coming on board soon too.

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Sooo… Is this an xApex?

Wow 32mm long, that seems concerningly long no? I’m no expert but I would assume that makes it more prone to cracking/shattering?

Curious what a Z-1 Scanner is, ACR reader?


Technically true, however nobody knows yet if that increase in risk is actually relevant or if it’s insignificant, or if it can be mitigated.

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An apex glassie … How is the coupling?

Are you making the implant/glass housing or itls it made by a third party?

Details in da club :wink:

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I know there is a lot of good stuff there and I’ve been wanting to get there for a while, but the “monthly” thing is kinda turning me off … But I’ll get over it eventually :grin:


Totally get that