Are there any plans to make a smaller, sensing magnet?

So I’ve got an xg3 in the back of my hand and it healed great and lifts a lot, so I’m happy with that.

But I’ve been looking into getting a smaller magnet to put in my fingertip so I can use it for sensing.
The only ones that seem to be available are the silicone coated ones.

I don’t mind that I may have to take it out in a few years, but if there were any plans to make a bioglass incased one, I’d for sure wait for that.

Unlikely, especially in the near future.

Have you watched Amals video
Current word on magnet implants
March last year, but I believe it still stands.
Have a look through this forum with “magnet” or “xG3” as search references.
Some of the more recent posts will also help to answer your question