Artwork idea request

Are you sure? NFC is a smartphone standard for years now, most people should know it.

You seem to scare other people on your work …… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You could start an image search on google with the following keywords: drawing nfc card

There are many drawings as inspiration.

Well, not wanting to spam your thread, but also wanting to just a little

How about


This Screams Rosco

I actually have a serious one I have thought of…just need to find it


It looks like what you really want is something remarkably like the contactless payment symbol, but that is a trademark of emvco.

Perhaps something very similar could be produced using a combination of clip art.

Ok so I didn’t find the exact image I was after, and please excuse the crudeness of my suggestion

Remember the old Lenticular cards / stickers that gave an animated effect

like this


So you could get that made with a “present your card” image sequence ( Like this but Card NOT phone)


Following lenticular effects are produced:

  • 3D imitation : The most popular 3D effect. A single picture is portrayed with a high degree of depth.
  • Flip : A picture is exchanged by another by tilting the card.
  • Morphing : An object can be converted into another. The animation effect appears especially smooth, if shape and colours of the object are similar.
  • 3D depth : From all possible angels and distances, pictures of an object in its natural surrounding are taken and printed onto the card. Thus, the object seems to stick out of the card.
  • Simulation by computers : For this lenticular effect no photographs are needed. Via vector graphic or 3D program you can use individual designing possibilities.
  • Motion : One picture is exchanged by another while the conversion is conducted smoothly, thus an animation effect is created.
  • Flash : Pictures are stringed together and are shown after each other. The picture is changing constantly, while the card is tilted.
  • Combination : the different effects can also be combined with each other.

Here’s a link to a company that makes them

I will try and find the image I was looking for, But I think you get the idea

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That’s a cool idea. Any chance you could make custom Keychain cards for them? To encourage its use?

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You say you want to make it popular?

How interesting is a sticker? My daughter who is 2 likes them. We are grown ass adults. You know what we like to do? Fist things.

You might be thinking I am talking about the “fist bump” how wrong you are.

What you need to do is get you a fistable item. Use what you want, and BE CREATIVE!

Turn a coffee cup into a “key card”

Have a blown up rubber version of your bosses face, and just, shove that cup into the back of their throat, just get it in there. Stress relief.

Have a kinky co worker? Lube up and reach into a fake ass so far you have to hold on with the other hand. They gonna remember that.

Over and tired of fisting? Fuck it.

No I mean it, literally, tip of dick implants +converted flesh light= the most fucking awkward morning coffee.

If all these fail. Look into using HF implants, and forcing them to comply.
Write a research paper and ask for forgiveness.

for legal reasons. I am not serious about forcing them to use it. Everything else is fair game. Have a good day FBI man.

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Maybe not the best image, but an SVG of the sort of thing I had in mind… A hand with chip and another hand with an NFC card in some stylized broadcast waves.



Why did i feel that i said something strange?

You remind me of the girl…

Why did this spring to mind?

That looks really good actually. I might go for that design, but in portrait format probably.

Something like that on my readers would look really futuristic. I love the idea, and I like it even more since I found out after some googling that you can actually print those yourself. But I have a feeling that particular rabbit hole might run too deep for what the purpose is worth :slight_smile: But I’m really tempted to play with those lenticular sheets now.

NFC for most people I meet is “that setting in my phone that I disable to save battery” And if they do know it (like if they use it to pay with their cellphones), they only know it in the context of a cellphone. Presented with a tabletop reader that has NFC written on it, I’m not sure they would immediately associate it with the “real” NFC they know, if that makes sense. The human brain is funny that way.

This is the one I was thinking of…
Still a phone, but the principle remains the same, just change the image for a card and implant

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Vax me up.

I ain’t scared.

Most people definitely don’t know what NFC is. They should, but they definitely don’t

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Feel free to modify it as much as you wish. All of the components were readily available (the waves are six “moons”, the hand was mirrored for one side, and the card and chip are just basic shapes.). It didn’t take too long to put together.

A few of my new ACR122Us, just fielded and patiently waiting for me to fondle them :slight_smile:

Now I’ll get to the decorating.


I had to take a closer look to see why you set them up at a best buy.

Yeah it does look a bit like a computer store :slight_smile:
That there is a small part of a row of test computers at one of our suppliers’.

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It works!

One guy called me and said “Those readers you set up, can you give me a password to write to them?” A bit confused, I asked what password. He said “Well, I got curious, so I downloaded this thing called NFC Tools and tried to write my password to the reader. It beeped but the computer said Login Failed. So I need another password I suppose.”

What the fuck was he on about about… No idea.

So I popped by and here’s what happened: in fact, when he approached his cellphone, NFC card emulation was on, so the reader took it for a passive NFC card and rejected the UID for login. Normal. But the guy was also trying to write an NDEF with his password at the same time, hoping to feed it to the normal login through NFC. I can see how that can be confusing if you don’t know how NFC works. Amusing that he tried and actually got somewhere though…

Anyway, long story short, I registered his phone’s emulated UID into the computers he wanted to use, and lo, now he too can login without a password. He’s all happy about it and telling his workmates! Hopefully he’ll soon get into his head that he could do without the cellphone too :slight_smile: