Asked my piercer to implant NExT and she was thrilled

Turned out she has been closely following/interested DT for a long time and has been super keen to do an implant, and wants one for herself too.

I took in all the printed documentation for her (but didn’t see her) a few days before my appointment and she was super excited and had a very well researched and thought out plan which certainly gave me more confidence.

As for the implants itself, it was uncomfortable but not what I would call painful and with ibuprofen I’ve had minimal swelling and been able to read and write the HF side of the NExT with no issues so far.

Altogether very happy so far and looking forward to my proxmark arriving so I can dive into the more nerdy stuff.

As a side note: Can someone point me to where my piercer needs to go to get listed on the directory? I asked and apparently she’s had problems trying to get on there. There is only one other person listed for New Zealand at the moment and they are many hours drive away so would be great to get this sorted.


I’ve been basically pretty terrible at managing the partners map lately… but if you DM me her details I will contact her and get it sorted.