Assa Abloy 6585

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that the NExT works really well with the Assa Abloy 6585 series readers I have at work. They use the EM4200 kind of tags.

Btw thanks for making the NExT chip, I really love it and use it every day! Keep up the good work :+1:t2:


Thanks @Birnir! Sorry to make your message public, but I figured both of these things are good info to share :slight_smile:

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Just note that they make several different versions of the 6585 readers, not all of them are EM compliant.

• 6585MF S556 585 085 Mifare reader, white
• 6585MF S556 585 084 Mifare reader, black
• 6585MIK2v S556 591 001 Mifare magnetic card, white
(with un-encoded magneticstripe)
• 6585MIK2a S556 592 001 Mifare magnetic card, ASSA
(with un-encoded magnetic stripe)
6585MIK3v S556 593 001 Mifare combi card, white
(EM and un-encoded magnetic stripe)
6585MIK3a S556 594 001 Mifare combi card, ASSA
(EM and un-encoded magnetic stripe)
• 6585MITG S556 595 001 Mifare tag, black

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I had to double check and you’re right, it wasn’t the 6585. It’s the 6485PL II version, plus another variant with 3 letters.

Can I expect xEM chip to work with Assa Abloy 6485EM II?