Attempting to use Vivokey

Hello everyone. I am trying to use the vivokey implant I recently had, but I am having trouble using my oneplus 3 to scan it in. Some days it works, others it does not.
Are there any other attachments that anyone has used to get a better read on it ?
I also have the Xnt implant, and have not been able to pick up a signal from it at all, so was wondering if anyone could recommend what they’ve used to mess around with theirs.
Thanks for your input.

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It might be worth ordering the xLED to find the sweet spot on your phone. On my oneplus 3 the NFC sensor is around/under the camera lense if that helps? :slight_smile:

Is the xNT and the VivoKey in the same hand? Are they in the standard locations?

See this video…


It might take a bit to find the optimum spot on your phone. I think people over on the vivokey forum have discussed the OnePlus before, you’d be best to log in there and read those threads. My phone, an Essential PH-1, has it’s antenna in the bottom 15% of the phone.

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honestly, i got all three of my implants within an hour of one another and seem to have forgotten which is why.
i think my inner left hand is basic rfid, as i login to my pc with it.
i think further to the outside of my left hand is the vivokey
and right hand is the … other one ?
it was a bit impulsive but i’m a dinosaur and couldnt help but want to mess around with some new add-ons.
compulsive evolution seemed like a good idea at the time.

oh thats what that was…
ha. i was just staring at it for the last few days unsure of what it was, as i had tossed all my extra gear into a bag.
thanks for that video.