AUSTRALIAN blood donation

While figuring out any potential issues with getting an implant I decided to ask a nurse at my blood donor centre if an implant would affect my ability to donate plasma.

Unfortunately it seems that I would be excluded from donating for the entire time that I have the implant installed. Probably not a big issue for some people but I’ve become a regular plasma donor (every 2 weeks, only ever skipping 1 or 2 donations a year) and want to keep it going.

Other than just not admitting that I’ve got the implant and making sure none of the phlebotomists ever find out about it, have I got any other course of action you potentially have both?

I hope you have bad advice. I donate and have had no issues at all. Had to wait a few weeks for the implant wound to heal but then was OK. They do extensive testing on all blood in any event so I can not see there being an issue.

Edit: Actually thinking about timings I think they may also have treated me as if I had just had a tattoo. I had to cancel some appointments due to sudden work commitments and that may have added to their timelines.

In germany people who had gay sex in the last 12 monts or got a tattoo in that time or piercings were not allowed to donate blood.

after that time period no issue…

but most of my gay/bi friends donated anyway and just lied about it^

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I am also a regular Plasma donor, In New Zealand, it USED to be 4 Months stand down period after piercing, It is now 6 Months.

This was the old blurb

I actually donated just over 2 weeks ago and happened to take a photo of the new stand down period

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Any way, your decision, but I know what I would do in your situation.

With such a blood shortage in AU, it is a real shame that the Redcross still believes anything out of the box is contagious and that gay blood is posion…

Or, is it that the glitter in gay blood gets all blocked up in the equipment?

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