Australian with a proxmark3

Okay Hey, all! Its been a while since I have browsed this forum, But I know you have helped me in the past and I love you all.

I have a bit of a conundrum, I have just started at a university that allows us to unlock our computer labs with our student ID card. I straight up just tried to scan it with my RFID handheld as soon as I got it and it came back with nothing, no beeps etc. Now at the moment, it is with security getting access granted onto it so I can open the labs (we get given the cards start of the year and we then hand them in so they can allow the card to unlock the doors) Once I get it back I will try again (can’t hurt right?)

Now if this does not work I am stuck. Either the card uses NFC(?) or MiFare Classic or something else entirely. At this point, I will need to check it on a proxmark3. But seeing as I’m a uni student that doesn’t want to drop a few hundred on what is essentially a test of the card, I have come to You guys for help.

If anyone is willing to let me send them my card to check it on their proxmark3, please let me know! I Live in Australia so another Australian would be nice. It would only cost about a dollar in postage and I could include a return envelope and stamp. If you are outside the AUS, and I cannot find someone closer I am still willing to send you my card and pay for the return shipping.

I have a NexT chip at the moment, and wouldn’t mind getting a second chip for my school ID if it turns out to be an entirely different chip as I will be using these doors for a minimum of 4 years.

Thank you for reading and happy hacking!

What Uni are we talking about? Someone here may be able to tell you what sort of card it is and save you posting the card. Feel free to PM me if you’d rather not post it publicly.

You can also get on AliExpress a Proxmark3 Easy clone for about $60 AUD - worth considering if you are going to play around with RFID a lot but obviously not worth it for a one-off read.

I’m in Melbourne with a Proxmark3, so if you’d like to send it my way I’m happy to see what details I can read from it.


It has been a while, Welcome back.
Sooo, No conumdrum just yet, there are still quite a few easy avenues for you to take before you need to get all proxmark-y.
What implant(s) do you have currently?
Did you try to scan your card with your phone using TagInfo app( Or similar )
Do you have DT Diagnostic card?
Do you have xField detectors ( HF and LF )
Can you post a picture of the access Card / fob ( Front and Back )
Can you post a picture of the access panel(s) if there are different ones.?
Is there any writing on the card / fob / panels?
We will talk about social engineering later if we need to; So for now I think that is a good start, and if you can answer those questions for us, you may / or may not still need to send your card to @Compgeek who has kindly offered their services.

Are you in Melbourne?
You never know @Compgeek might be just around the corner…I know Australia is just a little Island / Continent.


@Compgeek and @Pilgrimsmaster

Thanks for the reply! I will start collecting info that was asked on Tuesday when im back in class and i will hopefully have my card back.

I do live in Melbourne and i go to Holmesglen Institute.

Knew i could trust you guys! talk soon when i can start getting info on the panels and card



Brisbanite here!

Let me know if you still need assistance.