Autopwn does not produce eml file

I saw this thread about this topic, but I couldn’t find an answer for what I’m looking for.

I am trying to dump a card’s content using the hf mf autopwn command.
However, the output files are only json and bin:

[+] Generating binary key file
[+] Found keys have been dumped to C:\Temp\ProxSpace\pm3/hf-mf-50256C1B-key.bin
[=] --[ FFFFFFFFFFFF ]-- has been inserted for unknown keys where res is 0
[=] transferring keys to simulator memory ( ok )
[=] dumping card content to emulator memory (Cmd Error: 04 can occur)
[=] downloading card content from emulator memory
[+] saved 1024 bytes to binary file C:\Temp\ProxSpace\pm3/hf-mf-50256C1B-dump.bin
[+] saved to json file C:\Temp\ProxSpace\pm3/hf-mf-50256C1B-dump.json
[=] autopwn execution time: 3 seconds

Please advise, thanks!
I’m attaching a screenshot of the entire output…

I believe @Iceman removed .eml output from autopwn… however;

MCT on Android can now import the BIN files that autopwn does output, so just use the .bin file instead.

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That is correct. The EML format has been deprecated.

The PM3 client will read / load all kinds of files but it will only save to BIN/JSON

All under the robustness principle, a.k.a Postel’s law,

be conservative in what you send, be liberal in what you accept