Bacakup vivokey-otp app

hello i try vivokey-otp.cap but how backup or create a copy ? is it possible ?

If you are asking how to make backups of your OTP keys, it is not possible. A major benefit and security factor of this mechanism is that you cannot export or get the keys from the applet.

If you want a backup you can save the TOTP QR or enrollment code in addition to registering on the Apex app. But there are security implications if stored improperly.

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sorry after some research my question is quite stupid. All you have to do is scan the QRCODE on two NFC devices before validating the code and you’re all set.

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Yep, exactly. You can also print or write down the code in theory.

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correct, you can do this on goo authenticator or any other device/authenticator, like yubikey, apex etc
the word you’re looking for is backup :wink: