Bad info in trusted parter map

Ian Bell is headquartered in Killeen TX these days and definitely does DT installs.

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Thanks! I’ll definitely check him out.

Interesting note. He’s not on the map. At least there’s nobody in Killeen TX.

Hey there, I found someone in the Houston area willing to install them.

I actually found no less than 3 places that said yes to it. Maybe you just need to upgrade your speech/social engineering skills? Lol or maybe o. Blessed with a silver tongue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . But really, the only guy in the partners map wanted 120 to install so I said thanks but no thanks and went on the lookout for another.

Pm me if you’d like info on the places. And good luck

Yeah, in Warsaw they wanted 900 zł for 3 and 1 later.
It’s like 235$. Those prices are huuge.

Yeah the prices to me seemed pretty ridiculous, especially considering he had a sign on the wall advertising piercing at 15 usd each not including jewellery price.

I feel like this is an important thing to talk about though. The partners map is supposed to act a bit like the Bible of these installers are known to be safe competent and willing and it appears a lot of the links or contact info aren’t particularly up-to-date or accurate. Lots of links to dead websites and things.

I’d really like to see the partner map get some love and maybe improve the approval process for shops getting on there so there’s more shops and require a quarterly or yearly update on their contact info to stay on the list? Just seems like it benefits all involved if it’s easy to use and accurate, which it isn’t currently.

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It sounds like a worthwhile project, however, It is a big job for one person to do and difficult, to stay on top of.

“A burden shared is a burden halved” :scissors:
“Many hands make light work” :raised_hands:

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would prefer we left DT to concentrate on running the business, R&D :man_scientist: etc., and the more we can help them the more WE will benefit in the long run.
( That is if they wan’t our help in this situation )

There are a couple of approaches, and without putting too much thought into it, one of them is;
As the community, I would suggest:-
We ask Dangerous Things IF they would like a hand and if so what exactly they need…
We start a new thread
" Current Piercing partners " or similar, this can then be a single repository from which DT can update their list / Webpage from.
( I could see this getting messy though, Maybe an online document editable by all, Somebody else may have a better idea here )
If this is done in a set format as requested by DT, then they can just copy and paste to the Webpage ( HTML???)

To give it some form of informal coordination and prevent double-ups, maybe check the thread and see who has/hasn’t been contacted, start with your own City/ State/ Country/ Continent.
Take the responsibility ourselves to, call/contact the currently listed partners and ask a consistent list of questions as per DT request: ( eg below )
Confirm their contact details
Business name
Contact name
Social Media
Prices ( Local currency :dollar: : :pound: :euro: )

  • xSeries
  • Flex

There is the “issue” of what to do with the non-partner piercers that have been used and recommended by the community??? Maybe a separate WIKI or a separate section in the current CLONING What and WHERE called “community recommended non-partner installers” or similar

Of course, there are other approaches, and this is just a suggestion

I also suggest we wait out :clock1: , and let @mdanger or @amal give us direction if they want it or leave them to it.

Thats my image


Expiring links (time based)
Maybe some kind of rep system.
Or a number of times recommended counter to tell the one offs from the people doing regular business.
All good ideas, but all really messy logistically.

The sad part is that this would really drive business to reputable partners. You’d think they’d be all over maintaining a presence.

Still this IS an important topic. Especially as so many new people are pointed to the map when looking for help.

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I think a community map that combined the DT partner map, professional installers used by the community that aren’t partners for whatever reason, biohackers with proxmarks or who can clone LF chip (starting with the list that @pilgrimsmaster helpfully started in one of his wikis), as well as whatever else (conferences, biohacking events, community members that are looking to grab a beer and talk about biohacking) would be cool and offer a lot of value. I’m not sure what the best way to combat outdated or inaccurate information would be aside from allowing many people to edit and just sharing the burden enough. If we’re worried about anonymous edits/additions, we could use Vivokey login and allow anyone with a Vivokey to have moderator-level permissions. I’d be willing to work on throwing something together if that interested folks.


Many good points… the partner situation is challenging… it’s always on our mind and we are exploring ways to improve things.


He is on the map, still marked as being in MN. I think he still lives up here, but spends lots of time in Killeen. He did my RFID and I was very pleased.

I think I’ve got it set up to see him this Saturday. Initially I told him I was recommended through the DT Forum, and he thought I must want it done in MN, and was trying to schedule me for one of his trips back up there. When I told him I wanted it in TX, he seemed to get pretty excited,
“OH, RAD! Hadn’t realized they updated my location!”
Felt kinda like a let down to tell him that the info came out of a discussion on bad map data.


We’ve updated the map marker for Texas…


Forrest at needlewerx tattoo in Georgetown Texas also does installs. Perhaps we can add that to the map

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yeah totally… if they are interested they need to click the help floaty button on our site and send his shop info and booking contact info to us and we’ll put him on the map.


All 4 of mine so far have been with the Houston approved vendor Jcrux from the map and have been a great experience…


Julio Crux - Crux Studio

3835 Farnham St Houston, TX 77098 United States of America

(504) 517-3776,+Houston,+TX+77098/@29.732115,-95.412292,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640c08c5ffab657:0x5dc345b91638fa6a!8m2!3d29.7321559!4d-95.4122613


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I’ve been going to a particular shop in San Jose, California for years and I’d like to petition getting him added to the official partner map:

Body Exotic
957 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126

He expressed interest to me in being added to the partner map. He’s done four flex implant procedures for me, a few transponders, and even removing rejected implants. He is very capable of doing the more-involved procedures and he always remembers me, every time I come back (not just for the blood stain I left on his carpet when I took a bandage off when I shouldn’t have). He is appointment-only.

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Well if Shane is backing you up on it, I’ll get them added. :wink:

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done :slight_smile:

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