Balcony door lock

Hi community,

I‘m searching for a balcony door lock to open with an implant.
Has somebody experience with that?


You could go with a “Smart Balkony door” or doorhandle

this way you will get a door with motors attached to the locking system.

now you need to find the part where you control the motors / relays and install for example the xEM Access Controller v2 there.

a good starting point would be to look for “smart balcony doors” or remote balcony doors.


Thanks for that. My confusion is, a balcony door lock is different from a usual door.

i think it depends where on the world you are. i only know the German balcony doors. there the handle has 3 positions on a balcony and you rotate it alot. door handles are just pressed down and have a spring-back. balcony doors not :slight_smile:

also the size of the square bare varys a little bit i think

Exactly. I‘m in Germany. So I search for a solution for this stuff.

this one for example is unlockable by remote. so it has all you need inside exept the xem acces controller :slight_smile:

you could take this one and “hack” it

Yes that I know. Good idea. But then you need something from inside and outside

yes. you can put the xem acces controller antenna to the outside and lock&unlock it from the inside with something like a button

nah, forget that. on the inside there is the handle :wink: you dont need anything from the inside

just lock it with the handle

Then I have to make sure that the xEM controller is water resistent

its just the antenna coil which is outside. and that you can waterproof. it would be a big seucurity issue to have the whole controller outside.


You‘re right. I have to think about that project but seems there is a chance :).

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