Basic "Tasker" Alternative

In my collection of RFID Bits and pieces, I have and unused pack of Samsung TecTiles.

(not my photo)

Small “NFC” stickers, that appear to be Mifare Classic 1k gen1a, and maybe? the reason why Samsung phones are “NFC” compatiable with MF1kS50 :man_shrugging:

They were a short lived product and the App is no longer available. So I went interwebulator hunting and grabbed the .apk

Samsung (8.3 MB)

I tested on my xM1 and NExT Implant (xNT) and got them to work so assume others will work also.

Therefore the reason for the thread; and as the title suggests.
Here are some screenshots

If you want to do the same, you will need to do a couple of steps.

  • Install the .apk
  • Format implant as NDEF
  • then you HAVE to add the following url
  • Use the App to write your task / Dataset

It’s clearly not as good as Tasker
It’s pretty similar to TagWriter and NFC tools, I probably wasted my time, but thought I would share anyway


Have you looked at Bixby routines? There’s an “NFC tagged” trigger, and it should be able to do a lot more than this app, especially if you install the routines+ app from good lock. It’s obviously still not on the level of Tasker, but for simpler things it works pretty well.

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What’s wrong with using Tasker itself? Too complex for the most basic stuff?

Believe me, I love tasker, but sometimes I don’t want to spent 10 minutes messing with it when I can do the same thing in a few seconds with another app. Also, AFAIK Bixby routines is exempt from any battery management/deep sleep issues since it’s a system app

Only in Samsung smartphones :wink:

honestly… i am tired. i looked at that barcode sticker attached to the package and read it… 3 times… as NFC TENTACLES



Honestly, if DT sold NFC Tentacles, I’m in!