Bay Area Biohackers

Things seem like they’re on the upswing again in the SF Bay Area and there seems to be a good number of us in the area. Would anyone be up for an in-person get together sometime?

Note: I’m vaccinated and boostered!

Sure. I travel there usually once or twice a year.

I was there recently for my grand dad.

Last time I was there before that, we went out one night and got like, liquid nitrogen ice cream, went to a pirate theme whiskey bar, and were walking back to my cousins house, I bought some special cigarettes from a rando and we were invited to his upstairs neighbors party he was having. Told us to make whatever drinks we wanted as he had a full bar. He was off work that night, but his primary job was a DJ in a club. Shoulder to shoulder in his living room.

Ever live a day, you felt like could be in a video or a movie? That day was that day. Just odd circumstances perfectly aligned.


Yeah! I’ve been living in the Bay area for the last few years. It’s actually great

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I’m thinking of scheduling something for Nov. 6th. @TheBorg was interested in attending to be able to chat with some other biohacker. I though I would find a place on the peninsula to be kind of central to the bay. Maybe around Redwood City? Any thoughts?