BDYHAX is shutting down. When one door closes


Hi folks (and Amal!) Super sad about BDYHAX ending. I know they tried hard to make it work on a shoestring budget but it just doesn’t seem like it was the right time. It brought a lot of great people together, though, and I’m excited to see what grows out of it!

Meanwhile, some of us are actually organizing a more grassroots event here in Pittsburgh, PA this September: PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME is a community-driven DIY biotech unconference focused around fleshing out the radical politics inherent in the biohacking movement.

If you were at BDYHAX this year, you might’ve seen our fliers for it: Please Try This at Home - Sat, Sep 14th 2019

It’s our second year doing the event. Last year’s was super fun and hopefully this year will be even better. Our web presence is still a bit preliminary at this point but if people in this thread are interested in getting involved, please drop us a line!

Twitter: @pleasetryathome


I’d love to throw in any help I can here, I have about a decade of event promotion/production experience and (half) a bachelor’s degree in music business from Berklee, with a focus on live events. I’m currently based on Vancouver Island but am moving to the UK. Anything I can do to help, I’m there. Cheers!