Because I'm a cyborg, motherf*****

I’ve joined the club! Had an xNT put in the usual place on my left hand and the xEM in position “4” i believe it’s called. I went to the southernmost install partner on the map in Washington state, and my experience was great. He used a piercing needle which was about half the diameter of the self install needle, so I have two holes per chip but they should both heal without scarring. All this sitting at home contemplating doing it myself, I’m really glad I went to a pro. Biggest surprise was that I don’t even feel them there; I assumed I’d feel them everytime I made a fist or something. Pic taken about 10 minutes after the procedure.

Patiently waiting for vivokey apex now for the right hand, and I might throw a few bare xLEDs in different places next time for fun.

The title is how my installer suggested I respond to anyone asking about why I’ve done this :grin:





Congrats and welcome!!!

Next order of business is using them. Whats the plans, if any, for them?

Always interested to hear what people use their implants for. I bought mine with no definitive plan as to what they should be used for and still kind of in that boat :laughing:

Yeah, this was an interesting one. When people ask me if i can feel them, I tell them that I can feel them the same way I can feel the bones in my hand. Like, it’s undeniably a physical object there, but unless you touch it or it gets knocked you can’t even tell.



I had an XSIID put in at that same place on Friday, they do great work!
Welcome to the club!


That two-hole thing is so weird. I understand it will heal just as well as a regular single hole injection job if the piercer is good. But seriously, what’s the point? I mean sure, it you have to for legal reasons (the law and common sense often being two different things). But if you don’t…

Having said that, welcome to the party :slight_smile:

As explained to me, the injector method leaves a lot of opportunity for the chip to migrate around where as the piercing needle method leaves a pocket/tube for the chip to slide into so it has nowhere sideways to go. And again the needle was half the diameter. He showed me his scar leftover from using the injector, although I realize not everyone will be left with a scar.

Ah okay, I didn’t realized he used an undersized needle. There’s logic in what he told you, save for one thing: most of my implants ended up rotating and migrating where the fascia layer hadn’t even been separated by the needle - and quite far from the original injection pocket in 3 cases.

I think implants go wherever they wish to go eventually if they’re not coated, so my thinking is that you might as well save yourself an extra hole.

I can tell you my scar from a 3mm implant is healing slower and not as nice as the one from my 2mm implant, I could see the benefit in 2 small nice healing holes over 1 bigger one for some people.

Happy to report today that I successfully swiped in at work using my xEM! I was having a lot of trouble with my pm3 easy, but turns out I was able to clone my badge after all. I still don’t think the pm3 is working right but I’m content to forget about it for awhile.


I know this is an old post but I can’t find anyone near NE Oregon, where did you go in Washington? The only one on the map is in Seattle

Functional implants cannot legally be implanted by body piercers in Oregon. You could try approaching any piercers in SE Washington.

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Well according to the map it looks like my best bet is going to be Salt Lake City Utah :unamused: I might just have to if I can’t find anyone in Washington to install a FlexClass and/or FlexMT

Paradox in Bonney Lake.


Will they do flexies? I’ve been meaning to ask them, but never got around to it



I’ll have to give them a call, thank you