Become a Partner

Hi There! I own a body piercing studio in SLC, UT and have preformed several installations of your products. We are interested in becoming partners and potentially having your products available to purchase in our studio if that is an option. Is there someone we should get ahold of to discuss? Thanks!

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Yes, a PM is headed your way now…


I have exactly the same question :slight_smile:

One of our piercer has already installed two chips and we realy like the idea.

We are from Poland and we would like to have your products available to purchase in our shop and studio ( We are the biggest piercing company in Poland and it if is possbile then we would like to become distributor of your implants.

Please contant me. Thanks in advance.

Great! PM on the way …

Just did an implant today of one of your products and also interested in being a partner. I am manager of a tattoo shop in Delaware and have been piercing for 9 years.

Hello from Lithuania, Vilnius city I would like to become a partner in my country.


Hi Gethigh,

Thank you for your interest! What we do to get acquainted with you and your goals is send you an informal questionnaire that we have you complete:

Once you complete this, and we determine our business goals align with yours, we will send you out further information.

Again, thank you for your interest. We wish you all the success in your future endeavors.

My best,