Beginner here! Magic ring has 4 byte UID, but tag I'm trying to copy has 7

I recently got into RFID stuff when my apartment complex quoted me $100 to replace a lost RFID key fob. I’d like to program a ring that I can use as a key. Using the MCT app, I found that the RFID key is a Mifare Classic 1k, so I ordered the Dangerous Things Magic Ring. However, I discovered that I had made a mistake by not checking how long the UID is. My RFID key has a 7-byte UID, while the ring has a 4-byte one. Does anyone know of a ring that comes equipped with a 7-byte UID chip in it?

There are gen2 magic cards you can get with 7byte UID’s - on ebay and ksec but i havent seen them as rings

Is there anything else written to the card you want to clone? Does this change between reads with the access control?
I have bricked an access fob before as i didnt realise it was incrementing a counter with each read. I could use my xm1 fine until i used the fob that i cloned - sequence didnt match and it blocked the card.
Something to be wary of if you are wanting to copy the fob and use 2 copies.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to look into that. Do you think it would be possible to remove the 7-byte chip from a card so I could make my own ring out of it? Or would that potentially damage the chip?


3D print

There are a few examples on thingiverse, the above is just one of them