Beginner needing help here!

Hello, I am new to the bio hacking world and I am looking at getting my first implant, I have had a look on the website and I think the Next implant would be the one to go for, basically I want to clone my work access card, be able to open and start my car, unlock my house. In the future I would like to be able to use it as a payment method but I have seen it is not available yet.

Would this be the correct implant for me? I see there is a value pack which comes with the spark as well would this be worth going for?

Also i am interested in having the magnet in my finger as well.

My other question is, is there any company’s or anyone who would be able to get my car to work with the implant? In the UK, I don’t feel like I am confident enough to attempt it.

Sorry about all the questions,

Thank you in advance for your help.



You would need to know what frequency that your work card is active on. Most access control systems use 125kHz or 13.56mHz protocol. Do a little research on the different types of access control systems. If your work uses the 125kHz cards, then you could easily clone your card to an implant. For your house and car to be unlocked by the same chip, you would need to install an access control system that uses the same protocol as your work, and program the units to accept your chip as a valid ‘key’. They sell a car access control kit that you can program, but it operates on the 125kHz frequency, so if your work uses 13.56mHz, then the chip could not work with both.

Hope this helps!


Hello Jason,

Thank you for replying, I have done some research and I have found out the card I use at work is this
I believe its a 13.56mhz, does this mean I need cant clone it?
I would need 2 implants from what I understand from your message is this correct?
1 for house and car
1 for work.
Thank you :slight_smile:

FYI, you shouldn’t post that number online since you can recreate cards from that number. It all depends with the iClass systems. We’d need to know the specific kind of card you have (HID sells too many lol) or have the security person disclose how the system works. Spoofing HID iClass isn’t easy with an NT216 based chip but I’ve programmed in tons of stuff to them before. Depending on the readers there’s also a possibility that they’ll read old HID ProxCard format. It all depends on your setup and what your security people are up to doing.

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To add to this, I have my xNT added to works building management system. We use HID iClass readers which read and poll 125kHz and 13.56mHz at the same time.

In terms of finding the “number” for my xNT it wouldn’t come up in detect mode as it was looking for a special HID card. But scanning my hand on a random door produced an error in the log with the ID they could use :slight_smile:

I’d like to know how dual readers deal with the NEXT implant and if it’s just a matter or pure luck and timing which chip of the two it reads first. For the sake of ease I’d add the device twice, the LF and the HF sides.

Ooh yeah, forgot about that, never know which one the multiclasses will read. I do know some people disable the 125k field if they use only 13.56 cards so that’s always a possibility.

Okay, thanks for all the input guys, so what would be the next step for me to do? Should I get a DT diagnostic card to see what the readers are doing?
I’m not sure how easy it will be for the security guys to add it, they don’t seem to want to be very helpful, if it was possible to clone that would be a lot easier, I have never done anything like this before and me being about to use it for work is one of the main reasons I wanted the implant for to use at work, is there like any tutorials of how to clone etc :blush:

Thanks for your help :+1:

Hi Sam,
Re your cloning tutorials, check out and subscribe to DT YouTube channel.
A good one for cloning info is
Chip cloning 101

Chip Cloning 101 part 2 ( or 102 ) shouldn’t be too far off. (hopefully)
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Yeah but only in cases where the dual freqs aren’t in use (Currently what happens where I am)

I’ve found HF is in the top corner anyway and LF is along the bottom so i guess you could get into the habit of scanning in the correct area but it seems a bit of a fiddle compared to just waving your hand past.

I believe most implants these days come with the DT card, so if you get a chip it will come with one in case you don’t want to buy one outright. If you have an Android phone, get NFC tools and scan the card. If you get a result post it here and censor anything if you want. If you get nothing then you’re most likely on 125k.

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Okay thanks for your help guys, I will do that today and get the information, when I have done it I will post all the info up :blush: