Being a Cyborg Smartypants

So you’ve got a regular ol’ NTAG216 nestled in your thumb web and you’re dying to show off your new cyborg status. You eagerly tell everyone you meet that you can open your house/safe/bicycle etc with a wave of your hand. Curious, the less squeamish of them give you a prod to feel the “long grain of rice”.
But now comes the moment of truth: they want to see you do something with your new magic powers… so you whip out your phone. Hours of practice at home have prepared you for this moment: earlier attempts to show off lead to an embarrassing pause as you twist, swipe, girate, grind your phone all over the area the damn thing should be in while your friends look on unimpressed. But now you know the exact position and angle to get it in one shot. You’re a techno-human god!
Here’s my big question: what is the flashiest thing you can get your phone to do in that moment?


x-series are just so useful for phones :3
gotta love em

To give a real answer, in my experience the most impressive thing in peoples mind is a vCARD, so your contact pops up.


Back in the days when you frequently had to show your Covid vaccination status, I used it to open the app for that - so I scanned my implant, and my Covid vaccination certificate popped up on my phone. Started as a little joke about all those “they implant you with a super-secret chip during the vaccination”-people, and I had quite a bit of fun with it.
Sadly, nowadays nobody asks about those certificates any more, so I have to look for another funny thing… :wink:


Authentication is probably my favorite party trick and, since I have most of my important stuff handled through implants, I perform the trick often.

My favorite is using if for company SSO in front of IT people that wonder how can I sign in without ine of their bloatware infested federated laptops. Noobs.


I noticed that phones with thick cases usually don’t register my NExT unless they are removed from the case, which is kinda a downer when all my buddies strap giant cases on their phones. For now I just take the case off mine and either rick roll them or link them to some kind of funny video. Its fun watching coworkers try to figure out how I badge into our work buildings, though.


You could have a play with Tasker, there are MANY thing you could try

or even check out NFC Tools for some ideas

again, NFC Tools, basic, but a lot of options

Of all the things I’ve stored on my xnt, i think the one that has gotten the nost laughs was a text ndef that said “Your farts are the smelliest”.

My mother was less than impressed.

I use a VCard, it gets all the chicks


So she didn’t panic over the implant but she disliked an easy to change ndef record?

I only said that it had gotten the most laughs. I never said it pleased everyone…

No, the right example to show her would have been using it to send her a message or bring up the app for her home cctv.