Being kinda new to the RFID/NFC world (programming etc)

When people speak of PM3easy and White clone etc I am kinda lost. Yeah I havent spent days googling yet. I bought a white plastic multi frequency cloner from amazon. Has a full number keypad to create your own codes etc… no I cant say what it is it’s full of Chinese writing. Anyhow… it cant read my NExT implant at all. So I took out the coil and even then it can not read it bare on my implant. … it reads my security rfid tags (texecom or hkc) … I have not and wont try to write with it as I read bad things about bricked implants. … so any idea why it wont read the implant at all??

What are you trying to write/clone?


I looked at your photo In the link and it’s not the same one. As for what i want to clone… it’s more that i want to use it at work to test security system rfid keypad when iam on sites. So if i could clone a working tag (texecom premier) to it I’d be able to test any keypad . Hope that makes it more clear

can you post a link and photo of the one you bought off amazon?

Here is a pic of the amazon bought device


I haven’t seen that one before, Without any research, I wonder if the IC written on it refers to would be able to read an original Spark 13.56 ISO15693 ?
Although I dont know how you could tell if it did read. Lights, sound, bells whistles & fanfare :partying_face:
Also not sure why you would want to read it with that nor what you would do…?
Not sure why it can’t read on the LF EM4xxx (T55xx) side
Do you have anymore details or a link you could share?


(is it weird I just quoted myself???)
(YES, Yes it is!!)
I found some more info,
Very light on the specifics but it did find this

I found this info in here

Chip support: 4100 4305 5200 8800 T5577 ZX-F08 UID Support ISO 14443 Standard, Classic A or B MIFARE Card (Classics, DESFire)

Operating frequency: 125khz, 250khz, 375khz, 500khz, 13.56mhz(Ic mode) Encrypted card cannot be copied

Power supply: 2 x AAA Battery(Not included)

Package: 1*Copying machine

It claims to read
ISO 14443
But more importantly
T5577 and 4100
The NExT right out of the box is in EM41xx mode so if the reader cant see it maybe it is just another :poop: reader.

Maybe somebody else can help you with this reader…
otherwise you may have to look elsewhere for something that works

Right . Here is the amazon link to it. :slight_smile: says it can use T5577??
Hdliang Handheld 125KHz RFID Copier Duplicator Card Reader Writer 13.56MHz ID IC Key fob Programmer Support EM UID EM4305 / T5577 Access Control Key C

I think I beat you to it by about a minute, but thanks.
If you want to buy another one that doesn’t work but a couple of dollars cheaper, I can give you the link to the aliexpress one.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course they could be 2 “completely” different product in the same enclosure!

It is just poop reader I think. Iam gonna look into that pm3easy thing…
Ps… I just got a read on 125khz and then on 13.56ghz with it!! Had to press hard on my hand but it reads the NExT… too chicken to try the write option incase of bricking or having password written…
Turns out it has a 125khz coil antenna under the bottom area, and on top of the pcb it’s got 13.56ghz.

Good on you for your persistence; I was wondering if it was a coupling issue.
Agreed, 100% percent don’t try and write with it… yet
It would be interesting to see the write results on an LF card and maybe a magic Mifare 1k. any lock pins etc. IF ANY :interrobang:
Who knows, :man_shrugging: maybe you have stumbled across the holy grail :trophy: of reader/ writers :credit_card:

in the time being, I think a Proxmark is your best bet. Plenty of info in this Forum, after reading up, if you have questions, just sing out :speaking_head: and I’m sure somebody will be able to answer them for you.


For what it’s worth, I dont think you were :chicken: I think you were :brain:

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Draw me a picture… did you lay the coil in parallel along the top of your implant, or did you run the coil perpendicularly across it? It should be positioned perpendicularly.

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I did get it to read at last Amal. I had it perpendicular to the coil (a rectangular coil) on the far left short side. It really helped to use the DT 125khz field detector so thank god I have them. I am not writing to the xEM with it until my proxmark3 easy gets here with a test tag. Then I’ll test everything on the test tag before considering my NeXT . Thanks for all the help guys. Iam getting to grips slowly with the whole RFID programming. It helps that My degree is in Computer science :slight_smile: