Being patient and getting the Titan or getting the xG3 right away?

I really want to get a magnet, but I’m not sure which. I know the Titan is the best by far, of course, but it requires the scalpel procedure, and as a minor in Sweden, a piercer isn’t allowed to use a scalpel on me.

However, I’ll be 18 in a couple of months, and I won’t be bound by that law anymore. But until then, I’ve been considering getting the xG3 v1. I mainly want a magnet for sensing, with lifting being a nice bonus. I’m also not so sure I’m comfortable installing an x-series anywhere except position #0. Therefore, I’d like to know how sensing is with an xG3 v1 in #0, or alternatively, if there’s a position that’s way better for sensing.

Many thanks in advance!

From what I’ve read, that location is not very good for sensing. And the xG3 is too large for most fingertips.

I’d recommend waiting and getting the implant that you want instead of rushing into a stopgap solution.


I have a xG3 v2 in the knife edge or my right hand (P5). Even with it being a v2 I can feel electromagnets, such as a PC fan, microwave, and my favorite is an air fryer motor lol. With all that in mind, you may have good luck with a v1 in that spot.

I’ve heard P0- is good, which I think is the palm side of the P0 location.

I’m planning to get an xG3 v1 in the knife edge of my left hand at some point.

Agreed about waiting a few months and getting the titan though. For me I just like the glassies for ease of install.

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Just an FYI… The Titan is probably not going to be manufactured anymore. The cost to do so has nearly doubled thanks to supplier inflation blah blah nonsense. The only way we will manufacture it again is if we can do another crowdfunding style campaign but the goal would be so high we would need a lot of people willing to plunk down a lot of cash per unit.

At this time our remaining inventory is all that’s left of the Titan.


Ah dang. That’s understandable though. Now to decide if I want to quick buy one or not :joy:.

I understand the business situation. It’s a bummer. I just ordered one. Not sure when I’ll have it installed, I just know I want it eventually.


Ah hell, that’s a sad one to hear… though I can understand it, of course.
But I always recommended the Titan to anyone remotely interested because it’s hands-down the best implantable magnet that currently exists. I’m happy and grateful to have one, and especially happy that there is no risk of breakdown or anything like that, so I can keep it with me pretty much forever :slight_smile:
Just being curious - since you’re only selling the ones you still have, would you share with us how many Titans in total were sold? I mean, we have some sort of limited edition here :wink:


We sold a few hundred at this point. Not a huge seller but that’s probably because of the cost of course.

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The Titan is an implant that I’ve contemplated for a long time but have yet to order.

I should probably get a small magnet, glue it to my finger and see if it gets in the way. That’s my biggest concern TBH.


Always a good plan, Then, if you are happy, order a Titan before they are all gone

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Aw, that’s quite unfortunate. :frowning: How many are left? I probably won’t be able to get it if there’s just a few left.

There are only a few left but they don’t still that often due to the price so you should be ok of you need to save up. We could also work out a deposit of some kind if you excited to reserve one?

Sorry for the late response, needed some time to think and budget.

Yes, this would be great! May I message you so we discuss this in further detail?

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Sure DM me

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