Bendability of flex implants

With the release of the FlexUG4, I now finally need to decide on an orientation of the implant itself. I’ve decided to put it around p3, p4, or p5, but I was wonder how much “give” the implant has? I would like to put it perpendicular to the bone but I very frequently bend my fingers and wrists back to stretch them and this causes my skin to buckle which I assume would bend the implant itself. So I’m assuming horizontal to the bone would be better. I know the FlexUG4 was released today, but it does have the same profile as the FlexClass and similar profile as the Vivokey, does anyone know how flexible either of these two implants are?

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Why not parallel?

If I had to guess it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing for the implant, but it probably wouldn’t do it any favors in terms of longevity. But that’s just a guess based on how much I can get the bones in my own hand to move around

Woops, my bad. I meant parallel. I meant to ask if perpendicular would be better

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They’re usually installed like the blue lines, that’s the recommended way

They’re also usually between the bones rather than on top of them

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With the lines is how I want to do it.

But this is my concern and why I’m looking to see how flexible they are. Between the bones isn’t something I was aware of though, my only current implant is at p0

If you plan on regularly bending your hand like that you might opt for another location not on the back of the hand, such as the forearm near your elbow. (or opt to not bend your hand like that)


Unfortunately I bend my hand like that multiple times a day. So I might for p5 since it doesn’t buckle the skin. It’s going to be programmed to be my bus pass, but top of the hand isn’t looking like a viable option at all. Thank you both for your input!

It hasn’t been said in this thread yet, just just so it’s out there…
flex implants… regardless of name shouldn’t be put in a position to be flexing

Install them in a location and treat them like they can’t flex


Also, beware;

This page has a paragraph right at the top - considerations for flex implants - in short, knife edge installs are not reccomended for flex. We simply see a higher than usual amount of failures when installed in that position.


These are good things to know, would’ve been a fairly pricey fix if knife edge was to fail. I’ll probably need to look into finding a different way to stretch my hand

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