Best App for HF Writing (2020)?

So for LF, I know the Proxmark Varieties. For HF, I am pretty sure I have read through nearly this whole forum so I have kind of lost track/confused myself on which is best to use. I am getting the NExT installed on Thursday and would like to be able to play around with the HF side until my PM3 comes in. If I read correctly, I should use the DT app to set a 4 digit code, then either TagWriter or NFC Tools to write content to the tag. If this is incorrect please correct me. I also saw the post about the DT 2.0 app being worked on, as well as BioCom. Just looking for some clear info on which is the best route for a noob as of now (Aug 2020).

Thanks in advance.

No need buddy, It is done at the factory, It is there to protect you from yourself.
There may be a little quirk with the DT App, that is being looked at, so best to not use it at the moment anyway.

Yep you got it, MOST people prefer Tagwriter, as it is made by NXP for NXP ( Which our chips are ) NFC Tools is good, but doesn’t always get things correct, If you do get it, get the Pro version

As you said, being worked on, So not really ready to be used just at the moment.


And if you’re on iOS, NFC Tools (it’s not called ‘pro’ on iOS) seems to be the best. I get more consistent results with it than TagWriter

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Thanks, I am on a Galaxy S8 for now. That being said, do you have any issues reading tags written with TagWriter?

Thanks for the quick reply @Pilgrimsmaster !

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I did have a weird issue at one point if i used tag writer on iOS getting it to read without going into an app and choosing scan, but it only did it sometimes. I haven’t had the issue when writing on android and reading on iOS, but haven’t played with that as much

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