Best chip for longevity

Hi guys, I’m looking to get my first chip and can’t decide between the NExT, SIID, flexNExT, or wait for the Apex to release. I’m no opposed to getting multiple but I do want one some. My questions is what chip is going to be the most versatile for the longest? What kind of things can I do with the NExT and what things can I do with the SIID? I don’t know much about either of them so spare no detail. Also list some ways you sue your NExT or SIID.

The xSIID, I use with nfc so I program various links to share my personal contact information
Has a few other more specific Hf credential styles it can be used for, but seem less common
Has a fun blinky, that is also useful to help new people scan it

The next, can be used the same on nfc, and Hf,
Along with LF which is going to be fairly normal security credential, prox em indalla etc

The next can do MORE stuff, but thats simply because it’s 2 different chips in the same tag

The HF side is slightly more capable on the xSIID, but a lot just use it as a regular HF chip

The APEX will be Hf only as far as I know, but will have a lot of memory and possibilities, most are over my head though

Importantly the apex will be the first that MIGHT be capable of payments if the card companies play ball

If I was to get ONLY one, it would be a tie between the NEXT and the apex

But each have things the other can’t do, so as cool as the apex is, if you want to run a regular hid prox card for your company badge you’re out of luck
And the next will likely never be able to run payments or applets

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Building on what ErieQuiet has posted, I’d say the Apex is a very strong candidate - but it doesn’t replace everything. Because the Apex is programmable, you can do a lot more with it. There are obviously limitations, both obvious (HF only) and less so (fixed variables / no integers).

Some things it should be able to do at launch:

  • Store large (for NFC) amount of data - up to 16kB or 32kB, maybe more - it’s slow to read all that though
  • Unlock / start a Tesla Model 3
  • Function as an OTP token with the Vivokey Authenticator app

Some things planned for the future / in the works now:

  • PGP support
  • KeePass support
  • Custom Bitwarden (Vivokey Vault)
  • and a few more things…