Best fob for cloning MF 1k

Hi there,

I own a proxmark3 and would like to clone an ID card that has a MF Classic 1K in it. I would like to clone it to something with a small form factor (fob-size) so that I can integrate it into a wearable.

I would like to purchase the fobs shown here:

but without the reader/writer, as I already have the proxmark. Any suggestions on where to buy just the fobs? I bought some on Amazon but I didn’t read carefully and they turned out not to be sector 0 re-writeable.


Aliexpress. Terminology can vary. See: proxmark3/ at master · RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3 · GitHub

I would also reccomend AliExpress.

But I will make 2 assumptions
You are in tge USofA

You want them sooner rather than later



DUAL FREQUENCY (My recommendation)

Awesome, thanks guys!